Monday, May 07, 2007

Fun With Poetry: Part I, Semester II

So, it's Finals Week and it's time to finish strong. I'm not a big fan of Finals Week because I go through so many mixed emotions as I leave Carbondale for sweet home Chicago. Oh yeah, and then there's the pressure of passing classes. Yeah, there's a lot going on this week. So instead of blogging this week, because I have no time to articulate this week, I'll revert to something I did first semester and post my poetry that I've done for class this semester. I hope you enjoy.

by Luis Medina

It started on a bitter Friday night,
bright moon above, frigid breeze gusting.
It’s damn cold outside, I thought to myself
I’d rather be home under the covers,
instead I’m here. Might as well have some fun.

Through layers of smoke, off in the distance
she stood in a corner all by herself.
Strawberry blonde locks framing bright blue eyes
that glared at me as I stumbled towards her.
Stammering. Stuttering. Saying hello.

Words on my tongue searching for an escape,
wishing she would start the conversation.
Instead, she giggled as she turned away.
The cold shoulder leaving me with no doubt;
it was going to be a long walk home.

With each step my inner demons attacked
my wounded ego, fragile mind and heart.
Taunts and heckles relentlessly strike me
as the demons continued their attack.
For now, I just want to put them to sleep.


LATE NIGHT AFFAIR (Italian Sonnet)
by Luis Medina

I loved the way you looked at me tonight
with those lovely eyes and that darling smile.
There is no wonder why I stayed awhile
to spend this night with you it felt so right.
I am your shining armor-wearing knight,
you are my helpless princess in denial.
Embracing as we lay on the cold tile
hoping for one more kiss before midnight.

Unfortunately our affair must end,
return to the man that you say you love,
a love that I will never comprehend.
When will we meet again it all depends,
as I sleep you are the one I dream of
until next time I guess we’ll be just friends.

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