Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fun With Poetry: Part III, Semester II

Part three of three. Yes, the final edition...finally.....and I still have finals to do. ARGH!!!!

By Luis C. Medina

Poetry is like a map without direction,
showing you where you want to go
without telling you how to get there.

A poem should be portrayed
with vivid wordplay.
Showing the blind
things they’ve only heard about.

Let winds turn
into whispers overheard
while the rain drops,
giving you a beat to put your words to.

Sunrise, a clean slate.
Treat the new day like a blank canvas
fill it. Nightfall can lead to a new beginning.
Sunsets don’t have to mean ‘The End.’

A poem should be about
how birds and bees co-exist
until the bird that gets stung
heads back to the nest
with something to chirp about.


by Luis C. Medina

On TV is some story about corrupt politicians and I’m wishing I could change the channel because this ain’t news to me. Where’s the remote? Shoot, I’m still trying to figure out how Friday night turned into Monday morning. The phone rings, but I could care less because I don’t take phone calls while I eat. Now I’ve got this voicemail from some sobbing gal saying we need to speak. I find it odd because we haven’t spoke, not since she did you know what, with you know who. Sounds like she wants to reconcile, saying the things that make me smile, meanwhile I reconsider dating a cheater because that’s the lone reason I had to leave her. She said she was sorry for causing my heartbreak, but as nice as it was between her thighs, I could no longer put up with her lies. I decided not to return the call.


(Occasional Verse--Genethliacum--poem about the birth of a child)

by Luis C. Medina

A new beginning sent from above
to complete this family. Celebrating life
as the newest branch of the family tree.
You are proof that special things
can come in small packages.
Born innocent, your future
is as bright as the morning sun.
Looking at you I get a special feeling
because today a star was born.

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