Saturday, January 01, 2005

3...2..1...HAPPY NEW YEARS! Now, time for me to go to bed and resume the rest of my life as scheduled

There are several things that I assume that I will never understand in life. Baseball fans enfactuation for the 4-A player. You know, the guy that rips up records at Triple-A but just can't make it in the professionals. Football fans love for the back up quarterback, no matter how bad he is, the back-up can always do better. Women. And the New Year's Eve into New Year's Day celebration. Okay, I understand that you are turning over the calendar, reflecting on the events of the year before and projecting the future and all of its potential. But why the big hoo-hah about it. Days change everyday, let's celebrate every day, because you can change your life around in a day. It's all your mindset. Why don't we celebrate a new month every month. "Happy February!" "Happy April" "Happy September!" and so on and so on. Hell, people should be open to this type of thinking because it promotes drinking which promotes. partying. But, I will never understand. New Year's I usually spend with my family, but this year was different. I was with my cousin, his girlfiend and a few of her friends and our friends. In hindsight, I shoulda stayed home. Sure, I woulda been bored too, but there's something about being with the people that you spend most of the year with, finishing with them is something I should do. Last year I had a party planned, everyone was invited. But no one, I mean no one showed up. Very disappointing after everyone said they wanted a party and that they were coming over. I got a call at 3 in the morning saying people were gonna come over, but it was too late, I was asleep. So this year I go to a party, and it just wasn't for me. I don't know, maybe next year I'll go to a club. Or have my own party. But before I die, I vow to go to Times Square for one New Year's Eve. Just to be part of the moment. Just to be part of the hype. Just to be part of the party.
The New Year was celebrated as usual. Lotsa noise, couples and random people kissing ringing in the New Year and a toast. 2005 began the same way 2004 ended and basically all of the years have ended. I was single, kissing no one, reflecting on last year and looking at the potential of the upcoming year. And like every year, wondering the point of celebrating this new day which coincidentally happens to bring in a new month which coincidentally leads into the up and coming New Year. I don't understand the hype, and don't think I ever will.
The Only Thing I Understand About New Year's Is Resolutions
One thing I do understand about New Year's is the idea of New Year's Resolutions. I think it is a great idea to make goals for the upcoming year. The only cynical question I have about New Year's resolutions is why can't this resolution happen any other day. You could do it if you wanted to. But I do understand. A New Year, you get a clean slate and a fresh start to do everything right for once. And that is cool, and that is why the only thing that I like about New Year's is fresh start brought along by New Year's Resolutions.
Well, I guess the only thing left to write about is my New Year's Resolutions. Every year, the same resolution is taken, get a lady. I think I've said that every year in my recent memory. But this year it isn't my main one, because when it is my main goal I force shit and shit never happens, so I'm gonna ease off that one for the beginning. So here are my real New Year's Resolutions.
  • Do Better at School. Sure, 04 was a good year for me at school. I almost finished with a 3.0 in high school and despite the distractions and problems I had in my first semester in college, it is a better start than my start in high school in which i started with a 2.02 GPA. I want to spend more of my time studying and reviewing my work. I want to work harder on my work. I want to be a more focused student which will directly lead to more success in school.
  • Be a Better Person. A kinder, gentler Lou. A Lou that doesn't get angry so easily. A Lou that is more trusting of his friends. A Lou that does more giving than receiving. I saw what my giving brought to those who received. Happiness. I want to be a happier Lou. A friendlier Lou. A Lou that can be the best that I can be.
  • Get a job at school. A more personal goal of mine is to get a job at school. It is so I don't have to depend on my parents for everything. They do enough for me when it comes to school. They pay my tuition and room and board and for all of my accesories. With a job, I can go out on my own dollar and I'll feel better about myself. I remember the joys of working back during the spring and summer of last year and the joy that I was usuing my own money. I want that feeling again.
  • I Want to Forgive and Forget. I want to forgive all of the wrong that has been done to me, from small crap to things that I felt that I was wronged about. I want to forget about the wrongs I've done to others and I want to forgive those who have wronged me. Therefore, everyone gets a clean slate for the New Year.
  • And finally, the goal of every college male that hasn't gotten any is simple. Go out and get laid. Is it a goal? Sure it is, but this goal comes with a catch. Don't go for random girls, but if that happens let it be, it must have been meant to happen that way. However, I'm old school. I can't see myself with random girls that I have no feelings for. So I gotta find me a good girl this year.
  • That is my final resolution. Find me a good girl. She doesn't need to necissarily be my girlfiend. Just a friend that is a girl that I can have fun with, chill with and just be myself around.
  • Wait that is my final resolution...BE MYSELF.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVEYBODY! Be there for the drive in 2005!

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