Monday, January 03, 2005

Monday Morning Quarterback: The Final Week

Week 17 is now over and we conclude this season with the final Monday Morning Quarterback.
  • After a hot start, including a 4 play scoring drive that had a 63 yard pass to David Terrell, the Bears became themselves again. They quickly gave up 28 straight points, 2 touchdowns from Brett Favre and 1 from Craig Nall...WHO THE HELL IS CRAIG NALL? Well, it was a sucky season for the Bears. Everyone had hope, but I think the Bears fans need to start lowering their expectations so when the Bears don't meet them, they won't be suprised. The Bears have some pieces in place. A good quarterback when healthy, a running back that fits what is supposed to be their system and a hard hitting defense. Their problem is that they have no one to protect the quarterback, no one to stop the other team from tackling the running back and they don't have a big play receiver. The Bears have a lot of work to do, we'll see if they do it, or if they will sit on their hands pleased with the crap they currently have. No small tweaking this winter for the Bears, nope, they need major overhaul.
  • Now that the NFL season is over, the first matchups of the playoffs are lined up. It will be the NY Jets at the Chargers, the Colts hosting the Broncos and that is the AFC matchups. In the NFC it will be the Packers hosting the Cubs of Football (The Vikings) and the Seahawks will host the runners up in that division, the St Louis Rams. These are very simple matchups to break down. The Chargers will beat the Jets because the Chargers have a dominating running game and a passing attack that gets the ball downfield. In a rematch of last years first round game, the Colts will beat the Broncos again. Peyton Manning didn't play last week, and the Broncos played all out so the Colts know what to be looking for. Manning will have a big game against the Broncos, like he's had a big game against everyone else. In a battle of the moveable object versus the immovable force, the walking dead Seattle Seahawks will face the team coached by a walking rectum St. Louis Rams. I wish there could be a tie and both teams could be eliminated. The Seahawks are at home, so I'll give them a 24-17 win. The Packers at home against the Vikings for the third time is my upset special. The Vikings will look to shed my imposed label of theirs that calls them the Cubs of football. Vikings win 31-30 on a game winning field goal.
  • Let's take a look back on the NFL season. Rookie of the Year: Ben Roethlisberger was 13-0 as a rookie starter leading the Steelers to a 15-1 record. MVP was Peyton Manning, on this simple criteria. Could Jim Sorgi throw as many touchdowns as Manning threw interceptions? Without Manning, it is a totally different team. Best move: The Eagles getting T.O. If it wasn't for Manning, T.O. would be the MVP of the league. He had 14 touchdowns receptions, the rest of the receivers on the team 1. T.O.'s 14 touchdown receptions were as many or more than his old team the San Francisco 49ers. Biggest turnaround-the Atlanta Falcons. Due to one man, Michael Vick. Without Mike Vick, the Atlanta Falcons are possible the worst offense in football.
  • The 2nd round of the playoffs should be fun. Games hosted in snowy New England, frigid Pittsburgh in the AFC. The rabid Philly fans will be hungry for a Super Bowl, but won't be looking forward to playoff life without T.O. or another NFC Championship game. Hotlanta will be on fire when the Mike Vick show is in full effect.

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true, the chargers will be able to beat the Jets easily