Friday, May 06, 2005

It's Official, One More Week

Wow, I can't believe it school is almost over. I'm used to starting in that first week in September and not getting out until that last week of June. Most of my friends here are pissed cuz they're all saying that school is ending too late. I'm saying hell, it's ending early, I'm going home and there are still proms that haven't even taken place yet. So now, this week I have taken a lot of time to reflect on the year. It started off with so much promise, so much potential and most importantly a fresh start. Yeah, well, I can remember to the beginning of the year. When we all moved in and no one knew each other. When we were trying to figure out who was really from Chicago, you know, when you eliminate people who are from the suburbs but claim they're from the city, yeah, good times. When we introduced ourselves as a floor, when we all used to go out together and get drunk together and order food together, I remember that. When we had money to order out all the time, like we'd never run out of money. Remember when we used to go to Cherry and Red Light and we'd argue which house party was better. I REMEMBER THAT....REMEMBER WHEN WE ALL GOT ALONG! When there was no drama, no animosity towards any one, yeah those were great times. I was honestly reflecting with my roommate about the beginning of the year on what we thought about everyone when we initially met them. Who we thought was cool, who we thought was trouble, etc. We even reflected to those first couple of weeks where all the guys talked openly about who they wanted to get with. Those were the times. But now we are stronger than then. What I've gone through this year alone has taught me a buncha lessons in life from trust, the true meaning of friendship and stuff of that. Wow, I remember the beginning of the year, when I spent most of my time watching TV, playing X Box and blasting rap music. Now, I remember the good times I had with my friends. Awaiting what next year brings, because honestly, the future is bright. :-)

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