Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Quickie Post

Recently the posts have been shorter and shorter. Let's try another one. The wizards are doing to the bulls what the Marlins did to the Cubs, not only piss me off and make my life a living hell, but have won 3 straight games to take comand of the series. The bulls gotta win the next two games to survive. This feeling I have since Gilbert Arenas made that Jordanesque shot, I haven't had since October 2003. I feel like death, like I just want to crawl in a hole and cry. This room after Pargo hit that three went nuts. What an amazing 20 point comeback, but it was all for nothing because Gilbert Arenas doesn't understand the meaning of story book ending. GOSH! Now we have to go to MCI Arena where we haven't won in the last 10 games since like, 2001 and we have to win to force a game seven. I'm really disappointed in the fans at the Bulls game tonight. Not only did they leave early (after clamoring for 6 years w/o playoffs) and when they were there, they did not have the same intensity that they had for the first two games. Why can't I be there? The Bulls need to win these next two games so I can possibly have a shot to go to a Bulls playoff game when I get back to the city next week. I have a lot of homework to do because I dropped my A in english to a C. I don't know how, I guess I missed a bunch of assignments in which I really need to make up. I should be doing that instead of writing but I am currently so pissed I lost my appetite and want something dead. I haven't felt this about someone since Bartman. GOSH!!! And the Cubs better win cuz if they don't I quit. Well, i take that back, I don't quit, but thats the next step The next step I will never take because I am a Chicagoan til Chicago ends, til it blows like Chicago winds!!! Well, lets all have a prayer for the bulls for friday and lets see if they can carry this comeback into positive success on Friday night, at 7/6? on ESPN! LETS GO BULLS!!!!!! P.S. Dear Bulls: Don't put yourself in a 20 point hole. You would've won the game had you kept the game around 10 points all game. The Bulls starting line up needs to look like this on Friday Hinrich-Gordon-Duhon-Davis-Chandler. Nocioni, Harrington need to be secondary off the bench. The first guy off the bench should be Pargo, cuz he's on fire. Well, I'm gonna go and attempt my homework now. Holla at me

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Luis M said...

Yeah, the Cubs lost. I think its time to start over. Fire Dusty, fire Hendry. Hire me and Hoos, cuz damn, I'm pissed off so bad at them right now!!!!!!!!