Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Random Crap

Earlier I had thoughts, and now I have nothing except a random freestyle from earlier. One down 3 to go when it comes to finals and yeah I'm in major major trouble when it comes to school. I know this semester was a bad flash in the pan and will NEVER EVER happen again.

they call me game time because how i play with words they call me birdman the way i flip them birds word play is my game other rappers is lame like a tiger with no dick they tame i'm straight outta the inferno my rhymes is flame i get more dome than them weak niggas at notre dame its a damn shame the way i be droppin these names but keep ya head low cuz u know u ashamed

no need for plastic silverware i use stainless steel might cost a little more but it heightens my appeal i wheel and deal looking for the right combination of words its ubsurd u must believe i have the best chemistry u heard

i love my random freestyle writings.....more to come tomorrow

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