Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Found Myself A New Favorite TV Show

My mom was telling me about a show I should watch on ABC on Monday Nights (9 pm CT) called What About Brian? The shows premise you ask. This from the ABC website:

  • Six months have passed since Brian, the consummate bachelor yet closet romantic, left town following a heartbreaking blow out with Marjorie, the current love of his life -- who also happens to be engaged to Brian's best friend, Adam. Since Brian's been away, his close friends, Dave and Deena, have been suffering the fallout of their disastrous experiment with an open marriage; What was supposed to combat the doldrums of parenting, work stress and a lackluster sex life has only driven the couple further apart. They're now hoping marriage counseling will be able to heal their wounds and restore what was once a great love. Meanwhile Brian's sister, Nicole, is thrilled to finally be pregnant after a year of fertility treatments and is busy preparing for the new arrival. Unfortunately she's doing most of the nesting alone, since her husband, Angelo, a hunky, Italian actor, is off in Rome starring in his first film. Thankfully Angelo is planning to return home in time for Adam and Marjorie's wedding -- which is not soon enough for Nicole.

Sound familiar? Sounds like my life now. Maybe that's why mom suggested it. She said herself that it should be called "What About Lu?" Which would HILARIOUS knowing that "WHAT ABOUT LUUU?" was one of my more infamous quotes from last year. So I gave the show a shot after reading about what happened last year and of course falling in love with the shows premise. So I watched the show. My life to a fucking tee. You should have seen me at the end, cheering for Brian to get the girl of his dreams after watching his friend get a lap dance from the stripper and her taking him to "the back room." He told him not to do it....he did it anyways. Once again, sound familiar? Looks like some ABC executives have been reading my blogs and decided to make a TV show about it. So I'm gonna watch next week....FUCK I can't cuz it's MNF Bears/Cardinals. DAMN! I'll have someone tape it for me or something. I want to see if the best friend and the girl of his dreams get married. I need to find out how my future turns out. Hopefully it turns out like it did tonight where the girl of his dreams went back to Brian and said something about second chances and then they kissed.

Well I hope that's what happens in the show and in real life. But I, the real life Brian, needs to look at things objectively. This is real life, not scripted television (though sometimes I believe it could be.) I know that in my heart of hearts there is no happy ending for me. There will be no second chance. I'll continue to be Brian (without the girl.) I hope it's not the case, but all signs point to it. It's like the Cubs. You know they'll fuck up. No matter how big a lead. No matter what they have going for them, something dumb happens. When it comes to my life black cats and Bartman's are replaced by a curse that some say may or may not exsist and a guy that's oh so similar to Brian's best friend in the show. Here's hoping there are happy endings in the television world and in the real world.


This actually leads perfectly into what I actually wanted to blog tonight. So I got a message from a friend last night and the message (sparing the details) basically my friend was talking about getting engaged and married within a few years. I closed the message and shook my head. Engaged? So young. Why not Lu? So I know you're thinking another "woe is me kind of blog." Well you're probably right. It's weird, my group of friends we're pretty young. It's a group between the ages of 18-21. And I know two girls that are actually engaged, a few that have kids, a couple of others that have been in long term relationships, a couple that plan on getting engaged....it's like my guys are just falling by the wayside. And I look at myself, single and lonely, and can't help but be depressed. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to get married right now this second. Eventually I would love to get married. Of course it's gotta be the right time, with the right girl. Heck, I'll just settle with the right girl and we can work on timing. I just want to be loved, and I don't think that's asking much. With what's going on in the world of my friends, I just see a world passing me by and leaving me in the dust. I'd rather not be in this position for much longer.

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