Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Recap Before Bed

Suprisingly this was a good weekend. Maybe suprisingly isn't the best word because I expected to have a good weekend, but there was just something special about this weekend. Let's recap briefly shall we?
  • The boys came in on Friday. I was happy. It was Tony, George and Brian. Just three, that's it. That was cool though cuz think about it, 6 dudes in one apartment doesn't sound fun unless you're a whore in a gang bang. That's neither here nor there. We went out to S.I.N. (Southern Illinois Nightclub) Friday night after pregaming. I got pretty drunk. Tried dancing up on some girls (unsuccessfully) but I really didn't care as much cuz I was pretty drunk. And on top of that I woke up with a nice hangover on Saturday morning.
  • Saturday was cool too. Went to the homecoming game against WIU (Western Illinois University) and beat them 31-24. My guys got kicked out after the first quarter cuz they smoked in the stadium. Oops! I got back from the ball game took a shower and then began cooking. I made burgers, hot dogs and sausages. They were amazing. I love to cook, I love to grill. Cooking/grilling makes me happy. And on top of that I did some more drinking. Beer and burgers are an excellent mix. We didn't end up at Mike and Joe's @ Pinch cuz they were inside Copper so we moved on to Stix. Stix wasn't anything special but it was great to be out with the guys, drinking. Tony and I called it an early night which we used to catch up on some things, shoot the breeze and play a few games of Madden 2007.
  • Sunday was the end, of course 'cause all good things must come to an end. We watched the first half of the Bears game together and then they took off at half-time cuz the Bears were whooping ass. The final score ended up being 40-7. I did some more cooking. Pizza and hot wings. Later I would go on to eat 3 krispy kreme donuts, a piece of fried chicken and some ice cream. Today was a self-proclaimed fat day for Lu. I needed it, heck I deserved it. How'd I cap off today: not well by watching the Cardinals beat the Padres which will force me to do something no Cub fan should ever feel obliged to do. I must cheer for the Mets. It's like voting for the lesser of two evils. It's like cheering for the team under the theory "the enemy of the enemy is my friend." I hate the Mets. I wasn't around for '69 but I seen the videos and shit. I hear Santo all the time. I was at Opening Day 1994 when Tuffy Rhodes hit 3 HRs off of Doc Gooden and the Mets STILL won that game. I'll remember the Mets (Victor Diaz and Mike Jacobs specifically) breaking the hearts of the 2004 Cubs after a Mark Prior masterpiece on Saturday's FOX game of the week in which I broke my TV remote after Hawkins blew the save and on Sunday too. I never forget. And everyone knows how much I hate the Cards. But that blog is over on


So the other night I left a short and peculiar blog out there talking about potentially losing friends and on top of that having to relive "The Bartman Play" after a really bad conversation. I just want to say that things (as of now) are looking better for me. Kind of. I did what I had to do. Granted it might have been too late, but when something sits on your mind for a while it eventually will hurt. And what I did (in principle) is in excusible from both sides of the argument. Sparing the details of course, there's still a lot of work to be done as far as I'm concerned. I want things to work out, for everyone. I cleared one part of the dilemma on Friday night. Saturday, I backed into clearing the other part (partially of course.) I had a lot of confessing to do. A lot of admissions. A lot of things I had to get off my head. Several times during the conversation my eyes watered or I'd go silent/speechless. I didn't know how I kept myself together. Heck I'm suprised (and proud) of myself for putting on a strong front with the peeps still around. The telling story came this afternoon when she came over. I invited her over, just so I can see her. Call it weird but when you have a close friend and you almost just cut your friendship....seeing them is like a weight off the shoulders kinda moment. We talked and we were cool. It makes me think that there will be no "cutting" of one another out of each other's lives. I didn't want to lose her. Heck no one wants to lose any friends, especially those true friends. I'll be honest there were a few times where I almost crumbled, and I almost did when I pulled her into the kitchen just so I can give her a hug and tell her that I was sorry. I did that because I figured I'd turn into putty or something. In the end I don't wanna say we're all good, but I'd like to believe we're getting there. But like I said, there's work to be done and my work is cut out in front of me.

FINAL THOUGHT: It's good to have friends. I'm talking about friends, not acquaintances. Friends, people that you can go to whenever for whatever you need. The people that you hold closest to you. The ones you trust, the ones you care about, the ones that are there for you and in turn you are there for them. The friends that can make your day with a phone call. A friend of mine gave those friends a good nickname "The Core Group." After this week I know who my "Core Group" is. Whether they're in Carbondale or not, they know who they are and they stepped up big this week for me. I appreciate it. I appreciate all my friends but the ones that were ever so influential (they know who they are) worked wonders for me this week. I'll be honest, without them I would have ended up depressed and having burned bridges. Instead I write this with a half-hearted smile, not half hearted because I don't mean what I'm saying....half-hearted because I realize NOW the worse that could have happened and how unprepared I would have been for a day that I wish would never have even come close to coming to. This weekend was too close to being that weekend. I don't ever want to reach that point again.

Appreciate your friends, because your true friends in return will appreciate you. That's my lesson. Let's hope things stay positive. I stayed away from the negative for the most part in this blog and even though to be completely honest my mind is still a bit heavy...I have an idea what's going on.

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