Friday, December 08, 2006

Poetry Part IV

by Luis C. Medina

Behind that glass slipper of purity
lives a dirty little secret.
Slowly like a sunset
her dress dropped,
and her hair fell
slightly past her shoulders.
She laid down the ground rules,
and proceeded to lay down.
Two faces blank as the sheets
in which they are currently tangled.

Sporadic panting breaks the monotonous silence
along with the continuous pounding of the wall by the headboard.
Climax came and went
without a hint of emotion.
Both parties laid still as a hush fell over the room.
A free fall from royalty, his wife’s hassles
brought them together
to dance the night away.
Isolated lay the used condom
next to the glass slipper.

In this poem, I was supposed to put a fictional character in a situation that they normally wouldn’t be in. So I decided that there would be nothing like “whoring out” Cinderella. I really put a lot of effort into trashing the identity of Cinderella with the descriptions of her actions and mood.

As for changes, not many were made. I did split the poem into two separate stanzas. I felt by doing this that the pace and flow of the poem would be better. Also I cut out certain lines and certain words that helped in settling the poem. This piece was one of my favorite pieces to write this year, if not my favorite.

BONUS: Because I really didn't want to make another post with this I couldn't help but not post this at all. It's a part of conversation between myself and a friend of mine in the Chi. Let's call it Girls and Sports:

LU: love stinks
FRIEND: yea but so do the royals
LU: yea but the royals got friggin gil meche
FRIEND: so wheres your gil meche lou?
LU: she took more money and more years to play with the loser ass royals
FRIEND: lol lou i love your baseball analogies
LU: i love my baseball analogies too. i just love how i can take any of my situations in life and drop a baseball reference to explain it.


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