Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Poetry :-)

If there is anything that I've learned in my collegiate experience, it's that writing is great. Especially when it's used to cleanse the mind and stuff like that. Thank goodness for poetry, if not for poetry, I'd probably be insane right now.

This is a vilanelle that I wrote for my ENGL 352: Forms Of Poetry Class.

Trying To Say Goodbye
By Luis C. Medina

As I attempt to drown myself in beer,
all I wanted to do was get away.
I knew I never should have came back here.

Someone should have told me the end was near,
as I tried to come up with one last play.
In the end, I drowned myself in beer.

I just wanted for my head to be clear,
you wanted to meet under the archway.
I knew I should have never came back here.

I picked up the phone, you yelled in my ear.
I didn’t want to hear your shit today.
All I wanted to do was drown in beer.

I knew this day was coming for a year.
This time it can’t be saved with a bouquet.
I probably should not have came back here.

I’m saying my goodbye’s right now, my dear.
Those are the only words that I can say.
As I attempt to drown myself in beer,
I know now I will never come back here.

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