Monday, February 19, 2007

A Wasted Weekend (And Not In A Good Way)

"Time is never wasted when you're wasted all the time."

That quote is wrong, absolutely wrong! For someone who had so much to do this upcoming week, I totally blew this weekend. To be honest, I'm quite disappointed in myself.

This is what's On Tap for me this week:
  • MONDAY: Villanelle poem due.
  • TUESDAY: JRNL 310 assignment due.
  • WEDNESDAY: MCMA 201 essays due.
  • THURSDAY: POLS 352 test.
  • FRIDAY: MCMA 201 test @ noon. PSYC 102 test @ 2:00 p.m.
Do you see where I'll be busy this week? That's a lot of writing. Oh and I'd love to have a social life too while I'm here at SIU. Mardi Gras at Copper on Tuesday. Un-Official St. Patty's Day on Friday. Oh and let's not forget that Cubs single-game tickets go on sale this Friday and I want to go to the Saturday game on that first weekend home stand of the year. First day of ticket sales is a day I usually reserve as my "ditch day" as I spend my day on-line and on the phone with Cubs ticket people. This year, not so much.

As for my weekend, it sucked. The highlight of the weekend was SIU beating Butler, as noted in this blog. As for the rest of the weekend, it sucked. I got some laundry done, but not nearly enough. My room is still a mess, so no change there. As for the assignments due next week, only the poem due Monday is done. Tomorrow, I'll do the journalism assignment to the best of my abilities and I'll try to work on the MCMA 201 essays because I'd really like to go out Tuesday night for Mardi Gras.

I went out to Gatsby's Saturday night, I wasn't a happy camper. I didn't really want to be out, on top of that I had to pay a $2 cover to be there for an hour and a half. Usually, I'm there at 10:30, with a couple of beers and a couple of games of pool under my belt. In fact, I generally don't like going there if I have to pay a cover. I hate paying cover, it's just stupid unless there's a band that is worth paying cover for. Gosh, sometimes I wish I had a backbone and the ability to say: "No guys, I'm not going out." But I felt the need to go out because I spent plenty of time arguing with a certain someone who might read this blog so I won't mention them by name. Sighs, this was a frustrating weekend.

I could have easily gotten the poem done, a rough draft of my journalism assignment or my essay's for MCMA 201 done. Nope, the classic underachiever re-emerged this weekend and decided to say "Fuck it, I'm not doing shit this weekend."

What a waste! I feel like shit!

Next weekend will hopefully be better. Saturday is Senior Night, where Tony Young and Jamaal Tatum will play their final home game at the SIU Arena. It should be a great atmosphere. As for the rest of the weekend: it's one big f'ing question mark!

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