Thursday, January 20, 2005

Day 2, Semester 2, I'm all Good

After the second day of official classes, I am truely happy. As I have said before, I liked my first two classes that I had. Now, with today's classes I feel even better. My english class, well, the jury is still out because we haven't done nothing yet. My 20th American History class, I should do good in, especially because I just took Contemporary American History in my senior year in high school (which I aced by the way). Its basically that stuff, but in a higher learning place. I got my guys in that class, so its all good, we should all do well, but me first, then I help others. Then there's my creative writing class. No certified hotties, but it is the perfect class for me because all it is in that class is to write. Plus it's gonna be slightly slanted towards poetry. I love poetry. I love poetry so much more than fiction because in poetry you can tell a story in so many different ways. You can paint a picture using metaphors that have nothing to do with your subject, but make sense of your subject. But in fiction, everything has to be straight up, or else it makes no sense. I love poetry, that class, should be an easy A if I do all the work, thats what the teacher said. I love when teachers admit that, but now I gotta put in the effort and get it done. So, on MWF I'm done at 2:00 while everyone else is going out to their last classes I'm walking back to my room to chill out. I'm all smiles in Salukiville. Ooh yeah, SIU hoops squad beat Bradley tonite. This game goes down as one of the worst officiated games in sports. I missed the "mandatory" floor meeting but it was worth it cuz it was a close game, totally worth it. The only thing I needed to know about was the new alcohol policy. Which now says that if you are caught with alcohol you are sent to rehab and you have to pay for it. I immediately got rid of my stuff, and got some cash out of it because I didn't need to be caught up with that shit. I can't afford my phone bill, car insurance thats up in May, my new single room and all the other perks in my life and a stint in Rehab because I was dumb or whoever I was drinking with was dumb and got me in trouble. I can't even find a job downhere, its feeling a lot like last semester. Everyone out there in internet-land, please pray for me and my hopeful success. I will be working harder as soon as things pick up at school. I love you all and wish you all the success in the world, as I would for myself. I'm just going through some slow times in my life and I'm a little stressed and frustrated.

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