Saturday, January 22, 2005

Friday Night in Carbondale, Never A Dull Moment

The first Friday back from vacation was as nuts if not more nuts than any other Friday. I didn't even have to leave the floor to see things that only a comedian would think about and things that would only happen here in Carbondale. It all started in a friends room when we were playing drink master. Its a drinking game in which you follow the directions on the playing card. It was ok, but a pain in the ass. We cashed like 5 bottles of alcohol. So some of us were unnecissarily drunk (not me for once) and some of us were buzzin (me, for once). It was crazy cuz Jameel and Evonne were teaching my white friend Nate to dance. Nate gained big time points for white people at that point. Steve and Evonne were the most drunk and we got some pretty interesting photos of them, Steve was "Keeping her from falling off the bed." Oh incriminating photos are the bees knees. I like using old english, its soo much fun. But that was only the beginning. White people took a major step backwards last night as a society. See, in the city, where I'm from, when we drink, we drink and we have fun. Not necissarily to get drunk, but to have fun and be sociable. White folk not from the city, they drink and they do stupid shit. These two girls decided it'd be cool to give eachother black eyes. Problem is, one missed and fucked up the other girl. Blood gushin everywhere like a faucet, got on my shirt too, and they thought it was funny. I'm sorry, no matter how crunked I am, I am not letting someone punch me for their enjoyment. That's just dumb. Just as dumb as when two of my friends became cigarette burn brothers by burning eachother's arms with a lit cigarette. Then later, I got a very interesting phone call at 1 AM from a female friend of mine back in Chicago. I spent hours with her on the phone, while taking care of my drunken buddy Hoos who passed out in my bed and yelled at me cuz he wanted to talk to my lady friend trying to get his crunk juice flowin while I was trying to get my pink lemonade on. "Get yo pink lemonade on" is a new catchy saying that i came up with while sober. It came about when Hoos said i was holding up the drink line. I said, "it wouldn't be so backed up if you wasn't gettin yo pink lemonade on." It's catching on and we're using it to this day.
I've got a lot on my mind, so I guess I'll spill it right now. I'm pesonally upset. I got a lot on my mind whether it being me leaving my heart at home in Chicago, or things with me and the girls. I guess I'll start with leaving my heart in Chicago. There are some issues back in the city that there are certain family members I worry about daily and miss a lot. My presence is down here, yet sometimes, when I think about the city, I miss it. Then there's the girls. It upsets me that when you like a girl a lot, but she won't give you the time of day and there's nothing you can do about it but just sit there and watch her go after guys that don't seem at all interested. But in all honesty, I'm not suprised, cuz that's the story of my life. Friends not lovers. For once I wanna be her little secret, not the guy she runs to tell her little secrets to. Everyone sez you'll have your day, but sometimes I wonder. But not too hard, because in all honesty, it is pointless to think about someone you have no control over. I've been down that path once too often and I really don't feel like going down there again.
So, last night was wild and crazy. I didn't go out last night, but will tonight as long as the weather cooperates. Tonite, I'm out to get my pink lemonade on, without a doubt. HOLLER AT YA BOY!

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