Friday, January 21, 2005

Sit Back, Relax and Strap it Down: It's Friday

It's Friday, I'm so happy. One week down, fourteen to go. I'm all smiles, I like my classes and the people in my classes. Well, I had a couple of rough spots. My TA for history is from Beloit, Wisconsin and owns a Cheesehead. He's a Packers fan. When he announced that, the room snickered and soured on him. That's nothing compared to what happened in my english class today. We were introducing ourselves today like we were in kindergarten and some goofball's "Interesting fact" was "For you in the back, I hate the Cubs." Oohs and aahs filled the room as I rolled my eyes disgusted not with the idea of someone hating my favorite team, but insulted because it felt like it was an attack on me. I thought to myself, what the hell did I do to you. As of now, he's a certified assclown. If you hate the Cubs, good for you, but you don't need to make it an issue between me and you, remember it is only a game.
Speaking of the Cubs, usually around this time I am decked out in my Cubbie blue gear getting ready for the 4 o'clock (or was it 5 pm) Opening Ceremonies of the annual Cubs Convention. I wish I could be there, I didn't miss much in my classes, I could've been there. However, in all honesty, it would've been a waste of money because I would have been most likely banned from question answer sessions. "Meet the Cubs Management" would've been grilled by me like they was toast. I wouldn't ask the simple "Why couldn't we make this trade?" or "Why couldn't we make this signing?" I'd be asking ball busting questions like "When you got rid of Moises Alou's $11 million and Matt Clement's $9 million you have $20 million free. You get millions of dollars from rooftop owners, money that before has not been in the equation for the Cubs, and you raise ticket prices 17 percent and you scalp your own tickets...with all that money, why couldn't you sign JD Drew (now making $11 million a year) or Carlos Beltran (now making $17 million a year)?" And they'd give me a BS answer in which my response would've required them to answer the question at hand, then I would be lead out by Tribune officials. Is there a doctor in the house? would have been another thing I would've gotten kicked out of because I'd grill them on last year's lack of a doctor in the clubhouse. Yeah, it woulda been a waste of money without a doubt. Well, happy thoughts now, it's Friday and I'm just gonna be here chillin. I might head out to the pit. Well Ill figure something out, its only 2:40

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