Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday Recap

TODAY SUCKED! I missed two classes in attempt to get Cubs Convention tickets over the phone and yeah, NOTHING! They sold out. I got through 3 times. Twice I was hung up on and the third time was when they told me that the tickets were sold out. I'm pissed because I was on phone from 10 am til 1 pm and I GOT NOTHING OUT OF IT and there's no way to get tickets otherwise being so out of touch in Carbondale away from Chicago. I've noticed that being here in Carbondale has put an end to some family traditions and in retrospect, that upsets me. For the last two years, the tradition of going to the last Cubs game with my grandmother has been pre-empted because of school. The deep-fried turkey tradition ended last year, but will be brought back this year due to popular demand. And now the Cubs convention. Last year I couldn't go because I would have missed classes. This year, I wouldn't have missed any classes, and I figured this would be a good year to go, and restart the tradition of going with my mother and my mother only. Instead, I will most likely spend that Friday and Saturday working at McDonald's. That's the only reason I took the 8 pm train out of Chicago was to give me time to go to the last day of the convention and time to be able to get ready to go home. GRRR!!! Then I went to english class to discuss Heart of Darkness. Interesting book, but yeah, books suck! Except ones about sports lol. Let's see, Monday night football was good, but I have a feeling i'm gonna lose my first game this week. I was 8-0 and in first place, but i was only up by 50 some odd points against my opponents. I'm hopin for the best, cuz this is the best I've done for a while. Let's see, thinking, thinking, thinking....I took a long nap that came out of nowhere, I was just layin in bed and then BOOM I wake up two hours or three hours later and my roommate was napping and both of our TVs provided the only light in our room. It was strange. Um...let's see, nothing else eventful except I just lost my mind. Wanna talk about weird. I was sitting at the computer Instant Messaging my friend Alex and then all of a sudden my mind went blank. Then I walked out to the end lounge for no reason, stared outside for two minutes and then went back to my room. Then I told everyone I was going to bed cuz I was tired. I am a bit tired, but I'm also puzzled I feel so weird. Like, my mind went blank and my body feels empty, like something left and is now missing. I turned the I Tunes to shuffle after I played Gone by Kanye West and then it was like boom, 'N Sync's "Gone." I dunno what's going on with me. Need to go find myself.

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