Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Day, New Blog

I begin this post at 3:26 am. HA HA!!! New day, new post and I feel better than I did yesterday. First of all, I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders because I cleaned the room (though Kevin's side is dirty again) and I feel a sense of relief now knowing a girl that I facebooked wasn't who I thought she was. Let's just say I thought it was a girl that I haven't gotten over yet and probably won't until I get closure with her or another quality girl. Just the idea scared me for a second causing me to flip out the other day. So anyways, our camping trip is cancelled this weekend. Not enough people, we saved enough money to the point where we'll be spending the majority of our money on booze. Ooh, and that means I get to go out this weekend. I'm going out tomorrow!!! Go me! And on Saturday, I hopefully will be going to Hairbangers ball. It's an 80s music cover band. I kinda wanted to go camping this weekend despite my past experiences, just at the least it was an excuse to keep growing out my beard. Oh yeah that Kanye West concert is only 5 DAYS AWAY! I'm so excited! 9 days til Thanksgiving break...more excitement on my part! 38 days til X-Mas break...EVEN MORE EXCITMENT! WOO!!!!!!!!!!
Now back to the normal posting topics. Class was class today, very normal, bland and boring. Now to me. You know as much crap that women get for "that time of the month" yeah, I'm now convinced that guys get that too. I certainly do. I'm sorry to have to admit that but yeah. All week I've had random chocolate cravings, late night hunger cravings (assisted by getting a contact high from the smoking neighbors), major mood swings, negative behavior, emotional roller coaster, things of that nature. Granted, people that have known me long enough will say every day is an emotional roller coaster with Lu, that's what makes him Lu. And that I agree with! Well, now that we ain't camping no more, I'm in a bit of a better mood. I still get to drink, chill with friends, eat AND sleep in the comfort of a bed (despite crappy quality.) Funny thing of the day occured technically yesterday. Me and this girl were having a conversation about this one guy who started a conversation with her online and she was gonna show me that it was him actually making an attempt to talk to her. Two guy friends of ours walked in and she exited the screen. One of the guys made a comment to the extent of we (him and the other dude that walked in) weren't meant to see that. Her response to why they couldn't see that was that they were guys. I looked at her, confused. Then she attempted clarification: they're real guys. I jokingly flipped. She hugged to no avail, I was shocked. Me and the two other guys left on one of those famous Late Night Wal-Mart runs of Carbondale. Funny Thing Part 2 occurred in Wal-Mart when a stock boy advised me to buy the less expensive brand of trash bags because there were more bags at a cheaper price. That man saved me money, and he was an employee, and he was black too. Yeah minority hiring!!! If you've read this blog before, you might remember a late night wal-mart run that was marred by blatant racism. Ooh and even later in the late night wal-mart run, a white lady helped me find batteries! Yay kind white people!!! Random Thoughts were running throughout me throughout the day for example, yesterday it was 80, today 60-something. I hate the random temperature drops and rises of Carbondale. I wish it could be 75 degrees consistantly between October thru April. August, May and September, I'll accept the 90 degree Carbondale weather....Did you know that if I died a virgin, that technically I could run for Sainthood, I think. Well I remember last year that they were looking for a Pope and I fit the criteria: I was male, I was a virgin and I was catholic. And if they had affirmative action in the church, I woulda been a good hire. And I'd have a car. Imagine the Pope Mobile on counter clockwise spinners. I could take it to pimp my ride. Wouldn't need to do much with it, it's already bulletproof....This came up earlier, but if you know any miracle workers that are bored, I have a couple of things they could work on. My list includes: a Cubs World Champion, $1 million tax-free dollars, good grades at school, and good girl that I can call my girlfriend....Ooh add the skills of Jay-Z on the mic, I got good writing skills I'm just worried about what I sound like over the airwaves. I wanna change the rap game. As I stated earlier, I'm sick of rap about hoes, money, cars and that crap. I got a story to tell and I want everyone to hear it! I really need to get back on my poetry. I figured this would be a good weekend to do that out in the wilderness, but alas, we ain't goin out....I love my I-Pod mini. It knows how I feel sometimes. And sometimes that's good and sometimes that is bad. I reminiced earlier to a time where I was trying to get over a girl and I put the I-Pod on shuffle and I ended up with depressing songs or love songs. Pods knows whats up....LAST NIGHT'S BLOG REVISITED....yeah, I've gotten a lot of comments about last night's blog, especially about the rap section. It's funny to me, guys like Kanye West, Common, Talib Kweli and Mos Def serve as a change of pace in the rap game for a lot of the people who listen to that genre. I on the other hand that other kind of rap is my change of pace. Sometimes I need to hear songs about fake thuggin', cars that rappers don't own, hoes they've never been with and things like that. On that note, here are my favorite rappers that aren't listed above: Jay-Z, T.I., Outkast, Twista, The Clipse and Eminem. What do they have in common, well they're styles are all story teller like though they talk about different things. Jay-Z is all about NY hustle, TI is about the Atlanta street scene, Outkast is all over the place to be honest with ya, Eminem is telling his life story and The Clipse is all about coke and guns and damn they all are damn good! Up and coming rappers I like include Lupe Fiasco and Rhymefest. I was wrong to put Jay-Z and those others in change of pace rappers, they're top tier acts in my book. I screwed that up, change of pace acts in my eyes include Cam'ron and the Diplomats (Jim Jones, JR Writer, Juelz Santana (the most talented of the group lyrically), Jha Jha, Hell Rell, etc.), Lil' Wayne, and guys like that. I'll give you one rapper who's underrated and underappreciated and that's Fabolous. He comes with some great lines and as superficial as he sounds, he comes with it. He's NYs new golden child, he's everywhere! Damn I forgot to put Nas in there and Pac and BIG and I'll take so much shit, but I'm tired and sexually frustrated so I want to go to bed and catch up on rest. I got 6 hours till class.

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