Friday, November 11, 2005

School's Out Til MONDAY!!!

Woo, 3-day weekend. And what am I gonna do with it? Potentially a one-day drink fest at a camp site is a possiblity. What was going to be a 4 day camp party with a bunch of people has turned into a 1 day thing where we cook burgers, s'mores and drink. Now, I'm having my doubts about going. I've asked about when we're gonna get the booze, no answers. I've asked about what time we're going (remember, it gets dark early around these times), no answers. I've asked if we're even going tomorrow, still no answers. No one is packed, no one is prepared, and I'm going to be pissed when we're rushing out of here I HATE BEING RUSHED!!!! I when people are irresponsible, don't plan things and expect everything to be hunky-dory when we do decide to do things. This is why I plan things because everything is organized, planned, a budget is put together weeks before hand. Now we're acting like typical college students doing shit off the cuff with no vision, no plans and it'll probably blow up in our faces. Well, I don't wanna use 'we' because I DIDN'T PLAN THIS! My idea of fun doesn't revolve around getting super-drunk in the wilderness with a bunch of dudes and one girl that's unavailable. I'm just going along, hell, after last weekend where I wasn't even invited out with my own friends, I was ditched, I'm suprised they even had the thought to INVITE me. So, we might go tomorrow, we might not go. All I know is that I don't have a good feeling about this. Saturday, I'll probably be going to the battle of Southern Illinois Universities when the 4-time defending MVC Champions the SIU Salukis of Carbondale take on the um...they don't get a big intro, they're just the SIU Cougars from Edwardsville. We should whomp on them big time! My roommate won't probably go because his ex is going to Edwardsville next semester and I guess it will remind him of her. Despite that he's over her. Whatever, I'm glad sometimes I'm not in a relationship. However it sucks never having been in a relationship because I know after my first ends, I'm gonna be heartbroken and I don't know how I'll recover.
Random Thoughts
I love my random thoughts segments. The more I blog on this site, the more I'm reminded of my writing hey-day in my senior year where I was cynical, sarcastic, satyrical and amazingly entertaining. So here we go with random thoughts. I wish that I lived in the old days when people married because of land and property. Granted, being a hispanic, I probably wouldn't have much land, property or money for that matter, but if we can use that idealogy now I could be hot shit. Or, we can even go more new school (relative to those days) where girls were attracted to decent guys with great personalities instead of whatever attracts girls these days. I used to think it was money when I was younger, and all signs point to me being a bit correct on that front. Then I used to think it was looks...and I'm kinda right about that. Class status, looks, when does personality come along? Ooh I forgot popularity....oh my, yep, the more I think, the more personality goes farther down the list. Who killed chivalry? I don't know, but I heard chivlary was killed in a drive by. Witnesses say a curvy shadowy figure was seen driving a 2005 Ford Excursion when shots were heard being fired. A bumper sticker supposedly read "I am woman, hear me roar" on the back of the Excursion. No suspects are in custody at this point....LOVE! What is love defined as, I have no clue. For that answer, I'd have to look it up in a dictionary and that would take energy and would relate too much to school right now. But we can trace the origins of love. Love is a man-made idea that was triggered by hormones in the body that turned into the following man-made holidays: Sweetest Day and Valentine's Day. In those times people were married because of family arrangements, in exchange for land and property. To get out of those arrangements, couples that were in "love" escaped the situation claiming the magical 'l' word as their defense. And now, that's why people get married, but it wasn't always like that. And who was the first ones to do this act??? Well I point the finger at Romeo and Juliet. DAMN YOU SHAKESPEARE! Your writing was really good, but you set off a domino affect that undoubtebly will change the "sacred" act of marriage....How sacred can marriage be when relatives marry eachother (see rednecks), Michael Jackson's crazy ass can get married, divorce rates are higher than fans at Woodstock, a Method Man/Redman concert and Tyrone Biggums COMBINED! Now I could go on a rant talking about gay marriage but I won't, because I support it because of the same reasons Chris Rock does "They should have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us." Sometimes comedy makes more sense as reality than you would expect....BREAKING NEWS: I was caught reading today. Actually this is good, I was reading an article in the Pulse, the pullout section of SIU-Carbondale's student newspaper, the Daily Egyptian. The article was headlined Women are hypocrites and I was shocked! Want more shocking? The article was written by a woman. A woman who wasn't afraid to speak her mind, and THE TRUTH! The best part of the article was when she was describing the prototypical perfect man and how when he comes along, most girls freak out and end up dating (in her words) "Mr. Drunk Barbarian/Egotistical Drunk" aka the guy who treats girls like crap! It's funny, i just got the lecture on how I don't know what I want and then this comes out saying that girls don't know what they want. CONCLUSION: nobody knows what they want....I love random late nite/early visits from intoxicated people. It leads to some of the best conversation ever. I can only hope I'm that entertaining when I'm drunk. All I know is that I should be barred from using electronic devices while drinking....Wow, I started this an hour ago before I got interrupted by a friend who wanted to play a video game (he randomly disappeared) and two friends that just stopped by to say hi....Dan Bernstein of WSCR-AM 670 The Score has a great line for sports teams and that is Underrated and Overcoached for those underdog teams. Well, I adapted that for my own personal situation. I am now underrated and overlooked. Genius I say, GENIUS INDEED....Time at the tone is 2:09....4 days til Kanye West and 8 days til I go home for a week and i dunno what the Christmas countdown is at but yeah, no clue. Even more important is the New Years Countdown. Talk about holidays I hate. We take days off because we turn over a new month in the calendar. No one gets excited to say HAPPY NEW DAY! or HAPPY NEW MONTH! or even the change of seasons, but a new year indicates something. I'd love to take the mental approach to life to treat everyday as if it was the New Year, but I just can't do it. But yeah, I hate New Year's Eve because I'm always single, stuck watching the countdown by myself and/or with my family watching everyone kiss bringing in the New Year, everyone except me. Will this year be diffrent, highly doubt it. Other holiday's I don't really like include any holiday where I don't get time off school from. How can it be deemed a holiday if I still have to go to school. Like Valentine's day. The only exception is St. Patrick's day because it encourages heavy drinking ;-) But yeah if I don't get time off, it ain't a holiday in my book....
That's it for now because I'm tired and frustrated and upset. I'll hit it up again after the camping trip (if we go in it) and periodically over the weekend. Shout out to the people who actually read this thing. You people must either be really bored or easily entertained or I asked you to read it, or you're a friend, or you want to know what goes on in my life. Whatever your case is, leave a message if you'd like, hell I encourage it. It's shamelss self-promotion. I'll holla!

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