Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dawgs Dodge Bullet and other things

So, the Salukis won extending their home winning streak to 26 consecutive games. Amazing because there was a point where the dawgs were down by 5 and yeah, I was scared. I nervously eyed the scoreboard and the clock and hoping for a miracle. Down 2 Wesley Clemmons hit a 3 that put the Dawgs up by 1 47-46 and that was the beginning of the end. SIU took over in the final 6 minutes, but it was close, too close. An offense that I described as high-octane in the beginning of the year now looks sluggish and seems to be struggling to put quality possessions together. These ain't the same 4-time defending MVC Champion Salukis. Senior leadership is clearly lacking in this team and I'm hoping that Jamaal Tatum at some point steps his game up and plays to his potential as he did earlier and last year. The defense however isn't lacking the defense is as strong as ever, but still the offense is lacking identity without Brooks and Hairston. Hopefully the team straightens out and flys right.
I'm thinking about going out and have four minutes to make a decision. There's a part of me that wants to go out and have a good time and get drunk. But the other side of me says why go out because you're gonna go out get drunk come back pissed and depressed and still single. So why waste, right? Yeah, I don't have any single friends to go out with any more that aren't attatched to a computer game right now so I'm attatching myself to my computer right now. I might have a drink of a lil' somethin somethin in the fridge.
We'll see what happens, I now have 2 minutes to make a decision...i'll holla!

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