Friday, December 09, 2005

I don't deserve a blog tonight

I was really considering not blogging tonight, just because I was lazy, I still haven't got the poetry up from last week and I'm tired. But I couldn't resist. I'll start off with the fact that one week from tonight, I'll be back in the Chi for a month. I can't wait...kinda. I need a break from school and all the crap that comes with school. Next, well, today we got snow in Carbondale which brought these thoughts. When the hell did Carbondale become a winter wonderland? And my opening thought when I woke up this morning was oh it's white outside. Walking to class totally sucked because not only was it bitterly cold, it was also slushy and snowy, and u know us minorities we hate the cold. On top of that, the city sucks when it comes to plowing and salting and all that good shit. There are enough Chicago transplants to know how streets and sanitation should be run when the first snow hits. This just proves that nothing should be left up to the hicks that run the southern part of this state. Got back from class and relaxed and played video games. I have to immortalize the Braves team in Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball because they are the best team of all-time. But I'm too tired to do so, so I'll just tell you they won more than 130 games, only lost 24 and I had a .400 hitter. Oh yeah and two 30 game winners. One word: dominance. But yeah, so much happened tonight, that I guess I'll leave people with the following cliff hanger: I hope I fully enjoyed the singing of my own praises for the last week-plus because it might not happen for a while. I'll holla to my readers at a later time and date. Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

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