Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blog Preview

I'm so tired right now, I totally got thrown off my sleeping pattern the last few nights, but don't worry, tonight I'll be getting my sleep in about a half an hour. I really wanted to leave a long and detailed post about things, instead I'll leave the topic headlines and I'll fill it in tomorrow.

  • My Anti-Valentine's Day Stance
  • An old crush re-appears as a relatively new one gets scooped up
  • How Universities actually use facebook and blogs
  • Inspiration from old posts: where are they now, and where have i been or where i'm at since I posted them
  • The How I'm Doing At School Update
  • Why THIS is an important weekend for me on a personal level
  • What the fuck is up with everybody and chuck norris?
  • Countdowns (Valentine's Day, Spring Break, Opening Day & End of School)
  • Music Review (I ain't done one of those in a while)
  • Why is my room grand central station, and why i can't WAIT til i move into an apartment!

AND MUCH MORE!!!! I can't wait! This will be a good and very much inspired blog!

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