Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunday Stammerings

Well, technically I should probably call this Monday's Mumblings, but I'll leave that for Monday night/Tuesday morning. So, today was quite an interesting day. Not really, I just wanted to write that to make me feel as if I did something important today. Today was quite a dreary day in Carbondale, it was brr and drippy (AKA cold and rainy) and it looked really depressing, it was a depressing day waiting to happen. But the cool thing was that I didn't get depressed. We went to the SIU/ISU game and we won 56-44 extending the home winning streak to 32 games! #2 in the country! Came back from the game, dried off and watched the Steelers win the AFC title game. I played some video games myself, but that was it. Then I watched Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith get dominated by Seattle. Too bad the Bears couldn't do it. Oh well, no need to cry over spilled milk, especially one week old spilled milk.....One of the best things aboout being back at Southern is the Sunday staple, watching Viva La Sex. For someone who's never had sex, it is really interesting to watch because its informing, entertaining and yes, I do have a laugh along the way. So that's back in the fold. And that was my quite uneventful Sunday.
So, I looked back at what happened yesterday and what I wrote and all that good stuff and I did some thinking (which generally ain't a good idea, but I'll deal) but nonetheless I did some thinking. And the conclusion I came up with is that I overreacted. Some say I was drunk off my rocker. I wouldn't go that far, but I was quite depressed. The alcohol didn't help, it actually is what probably made me think my situation was much more worse than it probably actually was, but hey that's how the situation rolls sometimes. I was very disappointed, but what got me the most was that since this year has started, I've been vowing and talking about how I wanted to keep my past in the past and just go forward with things day by day and let's get some new memories (hopefully positive) in the memory bank, and what killed me yesterday was that last nights events were eerily similar to events of the past. Hell, it was the past revisited. In fact, it was too much like everything in the past that has happened between me and a girl, it was just too much at that time. So she sent me a text message saying she went out with her girls last night, which I guess I can't be mad about. I also took a very negative approach to everything and yeah, big mistake. Well, at least I didn't blow up to her. There's enough time for other things to happen in the future, I put too much stock into one night. And if this doesn't work out, well then it's time to move on. Oh hindsight is 20/20.

Good night from Carbondale, until tomorrow!

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