Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Loose Change

I've titled this post loose change because there isn't anything major to report, just some random ramblings from the first day of school. Interesting day, I would have liked to have slept in but because of habit of waking up early during vacation month I was up before my roommate who had a class at 9 am this morning. So I had one class today it was my politics class. I'm quite interested in the class because of my background in politics. Oh and of course I'm peepin the girls, but here comes the cynicism "why is this gonna be any different time." Well I don't have an answer to that question, only time will tell so we'll see what happens. So yeah, that's my day, I spent the rest of it lounging around the room doing nothing, though I did fill out a job application earlier.
RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Okay, I know its January 17th, meaning 28 days til my least favorite holiday Valentine's Day. I will probably spend a lot of time dwelling as the clock ticks down closer to the day that I despise. But there is NO reason that Valentine's Day needs to be forced down my throat. Now maybe I'm taking things a little to personal (which I do on occasion) but on January 1st when I went shopping with my mother and what do I see ready to replace Christmas and New Year's is VALENTINE'S DAY CANDY AND CARDS AND BEARS AND THINGS! And it keeps coming, at the Card store, a whole aisle is dedicated to Valentine's Day things. Oh and even when I go on the web on My Space there are bulletins about valentine's day or on xuqa where there's a valentine's day blog. Then there's little old me, getting ready to spend another miserbale valentine's day alone, and most likely drunk! And there will be my roommate, happily in a relationship in which he will overspend (and for good reason i guess because she's worth it) because thats just how he is and he'll be happy and she'll be happy. And there will be others that will enjoy and there will be others that will be in my boat. But sometimes it seems that this day just brings the worst out of me. Anyways, my point is that its less than a month away and the hype machine that is the market is selling Valentine's Day to anyone and everyone and it seems like folks are eating it up already. Maybe its time for me to do so as well.

The Third Time I've Editied This Post
As more thoughts pour into my mind another one about the V-Day hits me and I promise this will be the last of the night. I was randomly surfing My Space when I found a Valentine's Day application with questions ranging from the basic name, age, blah blah bullshit to the intruiging would you kiss me or introduce me to your parents kinda deal. It's not even here yet and I'm already sick of this day, I need a drink.

4th Time and I promise i'll stop

Random thought of the night brought to you by the good folks at Roc A Fella Records: Hip-Hop Since 1973. This thought entered my mind while looking at a Xuqa post and escaped through the power of my brain sending messages to my hands to type this: I feel that I'm destined to be single. However, I am a big fan of putting "destiny" in its place and defying the odds, but this thing with women seems to elude me each time. I've turned shy and have put myself in a shell.

I Could definetly use some advice.

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