Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Boredom Blog

So I'm bored, and probably should be spending this time reading or working on my paper that's due Monday, though I'd rather not. I'd rather spend my time trying to figure out how to get over this downer of a week I'm going through. I reckon it won't get better anytime soon with Valentine's Day only 6 days away. I've said it once and I'll say it again: I'd love to do something for someone, but I've been hurt so many times (and as much as I think 'what's one more time gonna hurt more?) I can't help but to think that it will. Actually, this time would be better spent working on a time machine so I can either go back in time to get a Valentine or go to the future and skip over the day as a whole.
My roommate and I are at odds right now. Why you ask, well because I've had enough of the B.S. Maybe I should've just butched up and paid for a single for this year, I really sometimes wish I did. Because some of the crap I'm going through this year, though it's not half as bad as the B.S. that my old roommate put me through, but it's definetly a different aggrivation level. It's the little things, like him not cleaning, him being a total tool, him not caring about simple things. I took a lot of shit because he supposedly spent the first semester cleaning while I was going out drinking or whatever, but I know for fact that he spent the whole night talking to his girlfriend and pussyfooting and cleaning the room half-assed. If you were to walk in my room, you'd probably not want to walk completely in. I'm honestly embarassed to live here sometimes. But it's the little things that get me. His smart ass remarks, but when I give them out he's allowed to get defensive, but I'm not allowed to. That's not much fair. The thing that gets me the most about him is when he talks about all these girls that check him out and all the girls at home and blah! blah! blah! It kills me because you know what if these girls knew what kind of a tool he is most of the time, they wouldn't give him a second look. Like I said in a previous blog, I don't understand how guys like him get second chances when a guy like me gets no chance at all. Meh, maybe I should just transform myself into a complete assclown and treat women like a piece of ass and see what happens. AND ANOTHER THING! He still owes me $55.53 for the Kanye West ticket from NOVEMBER. He said he'd have it when we went home for vacation. He said he'd have it when we got back to school. He tells me now I have to wait until summer vacation because he didn't expect to not be working at the car dealership. I think that's bullshit because he still had a job and he still has money to go to other concerts and for other things, I think that's wrong. He said he wouldn't do the things my old roommie did, and he's doing the same thing. That's not fair, maybe I should just knock him off and even the score. Maybe I shoulda stayed with my end of the bargain and take it out on his car. Hey, what's fair is fair. Imagine if I charged intrest. Still not fair folks, still not fair. In fact, it's bullshit because if it was me, he'd be up my ass! $55 FUCKING DOLLARS! That's a month of drinking! See what college does to you, it warps your view on life.
So, I took shit this weekend from people for not going out last weekend and I'm currently taking shit from people for not wanting to go out this weekend. I got an important paper that I should be working on and I'll probably work on it tomorrow. There's one thing that I've learned and I've learned it the hard way in college. I've learned that I don't need to go out every weekend and get completely wasted to verify and to prove that I'm a college student. I don't need that and college kids, you don't need that. I know I sound like a parent and a conscience but I don't care, I wish I quit caring a while ago.
I'm still pissed that Dook won and Carolina lost last night and of course my roomie had to bust out the Dook shirt today, but as I told him "When Dook wins a 5th National Championship, tell your people to call my people and we'll set something up." However I'm very happy for the Dawgs and how they won last night and basically we have to keep winning to put ourselves in a situation to win at least a share of the MVC title which would be our fifth in a row. Basically we need to go 4-for-4 in conference play. That means a win at Creighton this Saturday, a win at Bradley this Tuesday, a win at Evansiville on February 21st and a win at home against Northern Iowa in the regular season finale. In between all that is the Bracket Buster game against Lousiana Tech which is a NCAA test for the Dawgs. So basically it sets up as this. If we win out, we guarantee ourselves a share of the title. To win an outright Valley title we need the victory against Creighton. That there knocks Creighton out of title contention because we swept them. Then, if everything stays the same there's a 3-way tie between UNI, SIU & Wichita (I knew that damn Wichita game would be a pain in my ass.) We need UNI to lose a conference game, whether it's at home against Missouri State (which I saw first hand has JJ Redick's bastard cousin and his name is Blake Ahern), on the road against a sleeper team in Indiana State, or a miracle loss against Bradley and we need to beat them ourselves. We need a Wichita loss against someone too. Ahhh, this could have ALL BEEN AVOIDED had we came out to play against Indiana State. *shaking head* Boy, that might cost us!

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