Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Night In Sports

I'll start this off by saying I STILL HATE JJ REDICK! Duke has braggin rights for now, but who's got more national championships? I think it's North Carolina. That's the only thing I'm bitter about is the Carolina loss. 4 points, not bad for a team of freshmen. Imagine had one of those guys stayed, I really wish Marvin would have stayed, I really do, this would be a totally different team. I guess I'll put the bitterness away remember the national championship run, specifically the 11-0 run that put the Dookies away last year.
In Other News...
SIU beat Mo St. 66-64 on a Randal Falker dunk + free throw in the final seconds in back and forth game where SIU blew an 11 point lead at one point. Had you told me before the game that Bryan Mullins, Wesley Clemmons and Austin Brooks would have posted career highs in all of the stats that matter and that Jamaal Tatum didn't play, I would have asked you how much did we lose by. But Mullins stepped it up BIG TIME! Even teammate Tony Young said he "graduated" from his freshman status. Clemmons stepped it up with big time shots and so did Austin "I'm not Darren" Brooks. But yeah it was a hell of a game. More tomorrow, I'm tired and out of energy!

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