Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tonights Post

Well folks, I learned something tonight. Actually I learned two things. First thing I learned is that communication solves EVERYTHING! Second thing I learned was at the end of The Sandlot when Smalls says "Bertrum got really into the 60s and no one ever heard from him again" I know what he means now. GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!!
So me and my roommate straightned things out from our little squabble earlier. I knew he'd had a rough early week but I didn't wanna bring it up because I didn't wanna hit a tender spot with him. So I kinda stayed away from it, but we know whats up. So, upon further review, I guess my comments were a bit out of line, but we each know where each other was coming from. We've both been under a lot of pressure and have been stressed about different things and have been having a rough spot. We'll make it through, I hope.
So I'm having image issues again. Basically, it's the "to shave, or not to shave" debate. There's a part of me that wants to grow the beard out again and see how far I can take it. There's a side of me on the other hand that wants to go back to clean shaven, button-up shirts, fresh hair cut and all that good stuff. I figure "hey dress to impress" maybe get a girl. Basically this comes of course around Valentine's Day and me being lonely and single and all them things that come with February 14th. Gosh, really it's just another day before Spring Training starts. But alas, Valentine's Day is for lovers, not for Lu.
I still can't get over "the one that got away." Hope she doesn't read this blog. The only way she would is if she clicks the link on facebook. She'll always be "the one that got away" until I get settled with one, or with her in the end. Ahh, women drive me up a wall, but what else is new right?
Oh back to the image change. So I had a convo with one of my guys and it intrigued me. We basically discussed how if I changed my attitude, I could get girls. My issue is that I would be compromising everything I believe to attract girls. Even the way we talked about going at it seems shady to me. It just doesn't seem to work for someone like me, I just don't understand. I'll figure it out some day. Hopefully someday soon!

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