Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Post Before The Paper

Big 1st paper due Monday and to be re-issued on Tuesday and I haven't started it yet. I'm procrastinating but WILL START IT TONIGHT AND FINISH IT TOMORROW! So I figured I'd drop a few lines on the blog and throw some things around. And the stuff from last blog, yeah I'll save it for maybe Sunday:
  • So I'll start this off with my view from the sports world. The Olympics suck, sorry if I come off un-patriotic. They've lost all meaning, in fact I haven't cared about one since the ones in Atlanta. It's really an event for sell outs and yeah I really don't care about a bunch of professionals playing in an amateur event. So I won't watch the winter olympics and I won't watch the summer olympics except for basketball to get my hoops fix over the summer. Speaking of the hoops team, fuck the NBA players because they don't wanna play overseas anyways. Instead bring the top college players. If you want NBA players, get the young kids. Seriously put this team together: GUARDS: JJ Redick, Maurice Ager, Dee Brown, Mike Gansey FORWARDS: Rudy Gay, Adam Morrison, Josh McRoberts, Josh Boone, Kevin Pittsnogle, Marco Killingsworth CENTERS: Shelden Williams, Paul Davis & Tyler Hansborough. Sounds like a team that athletically and talent wise can hang with the Argentina team. Or hey if you wanna go with the NBA youngsters : Ben Gordon, Chris Paul, Marvin Williams, Charlie Villanueva, Channing Frye, Dwight Howard, Emeka Okafor, Andre Iguodala, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kirk Hinrich, Chris Bosh, D. Wade....could be good talent for me. The only NBA Players that I believe should be there are: Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson and Kevin Garnett. Only the best fundementally sound people in the game!!! FROM THE COLLEGE GAME: Yeah so the Dawgs one game out of first place and if they win out from here on out then we have ourselves a 5 time consecutive conference championships. I can't wait til SIU plays next!!!!! I still hate Duke and yeah JJ made this three from at least 3 feet behind NBA range. He'll be a great shooter in the NBA, I think he'll be Steve Kerr or Mark Price (less fast.)
  • It's official the thought of Valentine's Day has me down. I really want this day to come and go as soon as possible. Only the chocolates my mom sent me got me feeling relatively good. So basically I've been asked to help others be happy on this day while I've been actively saying since I can remember I am getting completely wasted and I'm not gonna care about anyone or anything. But it pisses me off. I hate women, they drive me insane. From girls who say they want (A) but always settle for (B) and then go to a guy like guy A to complain about their boyfriend who is guy B. I'm always guy A and if i'm ever guy B there will be no need for guy A because well I am, so yeah....if that made any sense. FUNNY THING OF LAST NIGHT: I saw a girl make out with a guy because he had never kissed a girl before. I'm gonna try that next time I go out. I'll also fill in the blank with every sexual experience I've NEVER had and believe me there's a lot.
  • They're trying to drag my happy ass out again and I'm still not working on my paper. I have a bad feeling that it's not gonna get done...

We'll see how things roll folks. Til then, I'll post some of my weekend experiences later.

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