Friday, March 24, 2006

Feeling Better

I'd like to preface this blog by saying DUKE LOST TO LSU AS I PREDICTED!!!!!!! That's the most of my good mood tonight. Now to the good stuff.
So my roomie and I had a bit of a sit-down conversation tonight. That was good, it was needed. I honestly thought it wouldn't happen tonight, especially after the Duke loss. He's a major Duke fan and took it exceptionally hard. But I finally got him to sit down and have a convo with me, and it went relatively well. It was basically about ditching me last night and how it was so blatant and how I was so upset how things went down especially after our talk how disappointed I was. I basically let my feelings out there, it was my version of putting him in his place. I'm not the kind of person who's confrontational but if I have an issue I'd like to at least speak my peace. He understood where I was coming from, so hopefully this won't be happening any time soon.
Wanna know how I'm looking forward to this dance, well I'm actually counting down the days. 8 days til the dance. I'm looking forward too it no matter the circumstances as of right now. I want to go out there dance my butt off, show my date a good time, make her happy and for myself to have a good time. I'm thinking positively about this, it's the only way I'll survive it. So I've inquired about this girl, and by that I mean I want to know if I have a chance and in all honesty it's up in the air, so who knows what's going on. I've been getting advice from my peeps and it's come with mixed results with both good and bad ideas. All I really want to do is make her feel good, actually I want her to feel special, c'mon she's going on a date with me. I don't know if I can call this a date. The way I see it to me it's a Louie Showcase night. I love Showcase Night's because basically I show myself off to peeps make myself look good and yeah good things generally come out of it. I'm kinda crushing over this girl a little, she's cute. But I'm not gonna force anything and most importantly I'm not going to pressure myself into doing stupid things to win this girl over. Basically my game plan is to be myself and present myself in the best way possible. In my mind I got ideas, small little sweet things I can do for her before the dance like flowers, candy, booze was mentioned but I don't wanna get her wasted I'm not that desperate.
In the end as long as I go into this thing with the right mindset I'm gonna be in for one great night!
Good night from Carbondale where I'm in a much better mood except for the Gonzaga loss where the refs just gave the game to UCLA in the last 3 minutes. Poor Morrison, it's okay you'll be leading the Bulls to the promise land soon hopefully. I can see it now: Hinrich, Gordon & Morrison--those three could average 55-60 points a game that would be sweet!!!!

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