Sunday, March 26, 2006

Friday & Saturday Reviewed

I'd like to make this quick cuz I wanna go to bed. Friday I went to one class at 12 and watched a movie, it was interesting and educational. Friday afternoon I played 3 good hours of basketball, got me some $80 kicks for only $30 so that ain't bad. Friday night I went to an art show with Alicia cuz I guess Hoos had no interest in going. That's where somehow I found my swagger, it was really like finding a happy spot. Alicia noted it as me finding my confidence. I really don't know what that's all about, never had that before.
I spent Saturday morning sleeping, I woke up sometime around 1 pm. I listened to a lot of music, downloaded Juvenile's CD but haven't listened to it, will do so later. Saturday afternoon I went to the rec with some peeps and shot some hoops by myself. I really couldn't by myself a shot when I was just shooting around. Trying just to take shots, get a rhythm you know just stuff to make me better. Though most of the time it didn't look good. However when I played a little 2-on-2 I was hot. Hitting outside shots, mid range shots, and then I was making shots in the post with post moves under the basket it was quite amazing. Tonight, a different story. I was supposed to go to hair bangers ball which is an 80s cover band and ended up not going. I gave up my wristband for one of alicia's friends so she can be happy, she's had a bit of a rough week. Look at me making everyone else happy. That was not supposed to be how things went down but thats how it did. So instead of going out I spent some time with Sarah and Lynn watched the end of Bridges of Madison County ordered a pizza then I started feeling sick I went back to my room. I ended up looking at some of my old blog posts. Boy oh boy, they almost brought me to tears. Really I kinda realized I'm kind of a loser. Seriously, I have issues. Most of them are derived from women. In reality, women have been the downfall of me. If not for my need for attention from women (which is derived from not getting that attention fromg girls in high school) I probably wouldn't have the issues I'm having now.
Funny/not funny thing of the day. I was talking to a friend of mine about the magic v-word. They said wow, well you should really hold on to that. My response was: Hold on to it, it's like it's a frickin Mickey Mantle rookie card or something. I'm really sexually frustrated now, it sucks. But yeah going over my old blogs, yeah they really depressed me. The ones that depressed me the most were the ones I talked about my online girlfriend that really never existed and the ones in which I talk about my first encounters with Alicia and reviewing the times I had a crush on her.
I just want a girl to love me, fuck it I just want a girl to like me.

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