Friday, September 01, 2006

Blogging It Out

So, about last nights blog. I'm sure you're all confused. And by "you all" I mean you who randomly found this blog or you looking over the shoulder of someone that you know who found this blog. I highly doubt anyone actually reads this because the content is generally repetitive and quite boring. I'm sure if it was happy fun time blog it'd be uber-popular. However when you don't have happy fun time to write about, then really you've gotta just blog it out.
So last night was a bit weird for me. Between my phone and online convos I was on the verge of doing something VERY foolish within a 72 hour period. However after sleeping it out I decided to hold out on what I wanted to say. It's just smarter that way. It's better for the greater good. It's tough because it's been something I'd been holding in for a while and it's not like I can just come out with it and say it and have it accepted by the general public. By deciding to keep things in my mind I've saved my friends, our friendships and my mental state. I'm glad I decided to sleep on it. Though to be honest I was tempted because I was at a point last night where I didn't care and I wanted it all to end. But right now I've decided to attempt to take a step back, we'll see how long it lasts.
IN SOME GOOD NEWS...SIU ROUTED some school of nobodys 49-0. Junior QB Nick Hill looked like Mike Vick in his first start and Arkee Whitlock looked like Reggie Bush out there. Fuck Brady Quinn! Arkee Whitlock for Heisman!!!! I know it's not possible, because the Heisman doesn't go to I-AA players, but Arkee's the man! It was a pretty good night out with a majority of the gang. Tonight the gang consisted of me, Hoos, Steve, Alicia, Sarah, Bob, and my new guy Billy (his first game). After this game though, I must say I am not sure about bringing girlfriends to sporting events. And the only reason I'm saying this is because it didn't seem as if Hoos was the same. Granted it was a cupcake game against a school we'll probably never hear from again, and yes we did miss opening kick off. It just wasn't the same. And everyone knows where I stand when it comes to bringing significant others to ball games. Remember, I'm the guy who can't take a girl to a ball game because having to explain every detail to her would be too much. Unless I did it at a game I didn't care at, like a Sox game. I don't know if I can take a non-Cub fan, non-baseball fan to a Cubs game on a date. I'm on record saying it here, other blogs, and in living color. And yes, there was a point that I was gonna take a girl to Wrigley just cuz it would have been her first time, but I decided against it, and I'm glad I did because I probably just would've embarassed myself in front of her. It's another reason I can't take a date to Wrigley (unless we'd been together for a while.) I'm a lil' bit of everything when I'm at my home away from home. I cheer loudly when they're good, I boo when they're bad, and I get angry when I feel that they are straight fucking up! I scream, I yell, I cheer & I beer. The way you're supposed to. Seriously, how attractive would it be to a girl when you spend innings heckling the opponents relief pitchers as they sit defenseless in the bullpen, or heckling outfielders who have to stand there and just take it.
So maybe I'm out of step Charlie when it comes to taking your girl to the ballgame. And one day I'm sure a girl will make a hypocrite out of me. But that's a different blog for a different day. Good night from Carbondale!

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