Friday, September 01, 2006

This Is It

When I returned to the original blog, I vowed to be a new blogger. I was to leave the past where it was and move on. Well I haven't moved on, I am currently stuck in a rut and really to be honest I never left the rut. This sucks. I'm not happy. Now I'm wishing I never would have came back to Carbondale. If I wasn't here, none of this would be happening and things would be so much simpler, I'd be happy. I'm sick of it. I've got problems, everyone else has problems and I don't have a problem helping people with their shit but when I've got my own shit, no offense to anyone but I could care LESS about your situation. I sit here most nights depressed. Other nights I sit here wishing I was somewhere else or someone else. I spend my days not thinking about things, but things follow me. I'm not happy and all I want is to be happy or at least someone to talk to. I'm just not happy now! So this is the end of blogging until I find something good to write about!

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