Monday, September 18, 2006

Poetic Thoughts and The *NEW* Poem

Note: This isn't a normal Lu poem. Unlike many of my other poems this poem is not as detail oriented, description driven work that is full of metaphors and similies. Yes, there are still some, but not as many. With that said, I still hope you enjoy.

Missed Connections (or Blind Lips)
by Luis C. Medina

Beautiful and captivating
those eyes held me hostage.
Alone in the dark with her
I was out of place and obviously
out of my mind.
Discomforting silence lingered in the room,
and I couldn’t grasp the moment
as I failed to capture her heart.

Far from Miss Right
I settled for the wrong girl
at the wrong time.
Her wicked ways
and poisonous kiss had me spellbound.
In the end it was her,
pulling the disappearing act.
Miscast as Miss Right, Miss Right Now
was just a complete miss.

Lost in her eyes
I asked for directions to her heart.
Elusive love sent down unsettled back roads
still ending up lost
and ultimately I lost her;
and those sweet southern lips
that were just not meant to be mine.

At the end of the day
they should all be dismissed.
The sun set on one friendship abruptly,
the other lost without direction and
another became a disappearing act.
And really who wants any of that back?

Well that's it that's my poem. Now to explain it and to defend it. Well the assignment was to make a "list poem" where you make a list and put it in poetry. My original idea was a flipped version of "The Girls I've Kissed," and I was gonna take it turn it into "The Girls I Didn't Kiss." Well after 4 days of trying to write it out, I couldn't and if you read two previous blogs you know that it sickened me not getting this done on time. Well after two days of drinking, putting some random thoughts on paper and taking some advice from a friend of mine I switched it up a little and changed the concept to something like "The Ones That Got Away" and I limited it to a few girls. I think the good things was that I used the original "Girls I Didn't Kiss" premise as a base for this poem, in fact the first two and last two lines in each stanza are derived from the original poem. Originally there was no fourth stanza, there was always intention but never could put it all together. Now for the other inspiration, the girls. Well all of these are based on true life experiences that have happened to me. All of these girls have played intriguing parts in shaping what I think of women and the current state of my life. It was really hard to do what I did with this poem, but that's one of the great things about poetry. I can derive my work from the deepest thoughts nad put them without necessarily putting anyone in particular on blast.
I think the most fun that I've had with this poem is having my friends read it and guess who I'm talking about. Some people got 'em right off the bat, some took some time, some still haven't figured them out. That's pretty cool, just to see who they think I'm talking about. More inspiration you ask? Well I found an old notebook of mine that doubled as a journal for me and there is where I found out that I wrote some pretty deep stuff about women. Also really I looked at some of my old blogs and drew inspiration from them too.
So why choose this as my "list poem?" Because. Everyone knows about my struggles with women and sometimes I find it hard to justify or identify or look beyond my struggles. So the best way to get my emotions out there without necessarily sitting someone down and letting it all go is to let it out artistically. I'm a pretty creative writer, I'm usually good with words when it goes on paper, so it seemed like a perfect choice.
CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: I'll do this just to see if he reads this. Shout out to my ex-roommate Kevin Hoos who helped me with the last line of the last stanza. I'll say that I derived that line from Hoos' random rhyme that involved leaving hoes in the past. Hey inspiration comes in the strangest forms.
Thanks for reading, please leave some love.
Oh and PS Thanks to Alicia for giving me the new title 'Blind Lips.'

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