Monday, September 18, 2006

Victory, Oh Precious Victory!

Those admissions of failure and feelings of demise from Thursday night/Friday morning obviously were premature. Tonight I pulled it out again, taking a poem that I was thoroughly disgusted with and turning it into a piece that I don't hate. I am not gonna say that I like it, because the first two pieces I did for this class I'll be honest I had my doubts about them. This one though I really don't care. This poem is more personal than the first two, so really I'm going a little out of step Charlie for this one. In the end I'm glad that it's over and now I can move along from this topic. So what happened between Thursday night/Friday morning to inspire this sweeping change in stance? I found a notebook and it happened to be my notebook that included several journal entries from my trip to Puerto Rico, some off the top punchlines that I had written down during the flight, some quick hit random thoughts that I was able to jott down in my free time and finally a few journal entries previewing my summer, some that occured midsummer and one that recapped my summer and compared it to my expectations. Obviously that was more than enough inspiration for me.
On top of that, the Bears completed the weekend football sweep that I could have never expected. Granted the Bears were expected to beat the Lions, but 34-7? I love healthy Rex Grossman, me love him long time as long as he so healthy. Seriously though, top 5 defense plus 15 ranked offensse equals Super Bowl contender if statistics of the last 5 Super Bowl Champions has anything to do with it. The Steelers, Patriots (twice), Ravens and Buccs all had middle of the pack offenses and all had top ranked defenses. If the Bears can mimick these squads, the SuperBowl shuffle will be a thing of the past. Now couple that Bears victory with the division 1-AA SIU Salukis upset of Big Ten squad Indiana University for their first 1-A victory in 23 years, plus the absolute spanking administered by Michigan given to then #2 Notre Dame in South Bend just made my weekend worth something! Want icing for the cake? The Cubs took 2 of 3 from the Reds who are basically out of the post season picture after this disasterous weekend. Thank you Rich Hill & Carlos Zambrano, the only bright spots from the second half of a dismal baseball season.
It's times like these specifically that keep me away from being myself. I like that!!!

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