Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just A Lil' Bit...

Just a couple of things on the agenda tonight.
  • The thing I miss most about not being in the Chi is the Drex Morning Show which is hands down the best morning show in the world. I love their segment "One Minute Inside A Woman's Head." Granted this isn't as funny as the 'Fat Sheila' segment where inside the womans head she blames her fat ugly friend on why she can't find a quality guy at the bars but this one is up there for quote of the year. This one has to do with having a slutty mom. "I'm not a slut, well I was for a while in college, but that was the beer." That was the single most funny thing I've heard this year and I probably woke up my roommates by laughing so hard. And to think I didn't wanna wake up to turn on the computer this morning. It made being up worth it.
  • So I was disturbed by the following. Walking through the mall I saw a girl with her mother. The girls shirt had writing on it so I had to read it. It said "I'm not a virgin...and this is an old shirt." So I gazed at the girl closely and realized that she couldn't be older than 15. And wearing that shirt with her mother. Are you fucking kidding me? I wouldn't let my daughter out like that, heck I'm not even gonna let my daughter out of my site. But I was just so bothered by that young girl wearing that shirt, with her mother nonetheless. I couldn't believe it I'm still in shock. So I know what you're thinking I'm jealous that someone's getting some. No, I'm not. I'll say this though, there's been a lot of talk about that magical 'V' word, especially linking me and that magical 'V' word and you know what as much as I "regret" having it at this age (I use the word regret very loosely) I'd regret it even more had I lost it to some meaningless fling though sometimes I feel like I'd rather lose it b/c if you don't use it, you lose it. I dunno sometimes though. Sometimes I care, other times I could care less.
  • So my weekend plan not to drink this weekend...probably going down the tubes. I need to drink to be happy. I seriously can't keep my mind straight anymore. I think I have a problem. More to come tomorrow when I'm hopefully in a better mood.

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