Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Very Fitting Poem On A Day Like Today

Ahh, Valentine's Day is coming to a close. A smile starts to crack my face, but really how can I? It's Valentine's Day, it's the bane of my existence. Well today's Valentine's Day wasn't horrible. Well, it's not as bad as the last two which have been absolute train wrecks for one reason or another. I guess I'll use a little of this space to say thanks to everyone who called and wrote to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day.

With that said, the highlight of my day clearly was winning a $10 gift certificate for reading a sonnet I wrote at "Sonnet Slam" on campus. I wasn't even going to go at one point, citing how I was ill most of the afternoon. In the end, thanks to my classmate Brandon, I stayed on campus and went to the slam and collected the third place prize, finishing behind two very talented writers in the process.

Luis, an award winning good to be true. Anyway, here's my poem, I hope you enjoy it. It needs no explanation or back story, and you'll find that out shortly.

My Take On Valentine’s Day
by Luis C. Medina

I hate the colors red and pink I do,
they bring me to despise this winter day.
You ask me what is love I have no clue,
it’s one day out the year I feel this way.

Flowers and chocolates being exchanged
he spent so much I can’t believe my eyes.
I really mean it he dropped major change,
must be the price to get between her thighs.

I do not want to hear another song
about love on my way to class.
This guy singing he couldn’t be more wrong,
whoever wrote this crap can kiss my ass!

Please excuse me I have just one last whine,
“Screw you true love, I hate you Valentine!”

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