Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yay! Valentine's Day Is Over!

Let me take this time to rejoice now that Valentine's Day 2007 is in the book.

(Cheers and claps)

Alright, now back to business as usual. I was right in a sense about Valentine's Day, it was just another day. I woke up and listened to the DreX show. Got on the bus at 11:30, as I usually do on Wednesday. Turned my I-Pod to the same playlist of songs that have been put together since I returned to Carbondale in January. And it was another boring day in the classroom.

Wearing black didn't go unnoticed. Two of my friends wore black, to go along with myself. One friend wore it because she (like I) disliked Valentine's Day. My other friend didn't realize he was wearing black and its significance until I had brought it up to him later in the day when I saw him at the apartment. I didn't realize I was wearing black until my friend in class mentioned that I too was wearing reminded me of high school....without the whole idea of Valentine's Day being shoved down your throat.

An interesting note, 7 people wished me a "Happy Valentine's Day" today. I found it odd, seeing as how everyone and their dog knows how much I don't like the day. Still, I was appreciative of all the well wishers today, one in particular, but I'll shy away from mentioning them by name. Take note that I did not say if it was a him or a her. Uh-oh, that might backfire on me. I better tell everyone that it indeed was a HER because I don't wanna get no rumors started about me. No Brokeback!

In all seriousness though, I'm still a bit confused about what happened today. I spent a majority of the day in a good mood. Valentine's Day depression didn't set in until about 10 p.m. and by that time it was too late to have an all day drunk fest. I was sober, and happy on Valentine's Day. I'm sure my roommates were a bit stunned to find me in those conditions on V-Day, I know I was amazed myself.

One thing I'm not confused about was my awesome poem that I presented that won me a $10 gift card. I posted the poem on an earlier blog, noting that the poem was fitting to be posted (and performed) on Valentine's Day. You've got to love the artistic work I come up with when I'm motivated and writing about what I know best....being bitter about my love life.

In the end, Februrary 14th 2007 was just another day. The sun rose, and then set. Between sunrise and sunset I went to ate breakfast, went to class and ate dinner. I had happy moments, I had not so happy moments, I had moments in which I'd rather sleep than be in class. As for my so-called love life. I'm still single. I'm still bitter about being single. I'm still carrying a vendetta that is about a year and a half old.

With all that said, February 15th 2007 is the first day I attempt to move away from that..that...thing. What!?! I don't know how else to describe that situation!

Good night from Carbondale!

Final Thought: I thought it was an interesting question my roommate asked me before he left. He asked me where this Valentine's Day ranked among all-time V-Day's. This was the best Valentine's Day I've had since I've been at SIU. But that's not saying much, especially knowing how the last two Valentine's Days have gone for me.

Final Thought II: I love how I'm using concepts I've learned in my JRNL-310 class to help enhance my blog. Writing in shorter paragraphs (trying at least), providing links (to past blogs, or outside sources for example.) There's no writer more dangerous than I when I use what I learn to my advantage.

Alright, now I can go to sleep!

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