Friday, December 10, 2004

Good Afternoon, and Happy Friday!

One more week. I'm so happy. I got one final at 8pm on Monday, I got extra credit final monday too, but thats much earlier. No one is happier than me that the semester is ending. Because next semester the room is mine and its gonna be great. Mine all mine, its gonna be great because i'm not gonna deal with disappearing food, dishes or any other crap that was mine and used without my persmission. Let's see, oh yeah, and maybe I'll get laid. Who knows with my roommate gone i can finally open up again and start fresh all over again. Fresh start at school, fresh start socially as well. Won't be tied down with people mistaking him for me and etcetera. I might actually have another roommate next semester, I got a guy that wants to live on our floor, so maybe I'll go in wit him. It'd be alright. Well, thats it, I'm gonna go see Ocean's Twelve, cuz 12 is the new 11. Holler.

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