Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Women are Like a 1000 Piece Puzzle, Very Hard to Solve Especially When You're Drunk

Women are like a 1000 piece puzzle, they are very hard to solve, especially when you're drunk. Even when you are sober, women are harder to read than War and Peace. They cause guys to act differently. Do they cause depression though? How about alcoholism? For every good thing a girl does, there's hundreds of things that drive me nuts. They say one thing, and mean another. Say that something is wrong, and later will go out and do it. They say they don't want a serious relationship, but then complain that no one loves them. They flirt and bring you closer and yet in the end they push you away. What I don't understand is what women want in a man. I know, i know that they made a movie about it but that hasn't helped me at all. Girls say they want a nice guy, and you treat them good and then you fall into the friend-zone and you instead of being their little secret, you turn into the guy that they tell all of their secrets too. Girls say they want a bad-boy and an asshole, so you play a little hard to get, and they want no part of that and wished you treated them better. There is no happy medium in this world gone mad is there? But there must be, because we keep reproducing and there are people that are happy in relationships, something has got to give. You wish there was something you could do about your situation, and you try. But you can't teach confidence or the correct approach, so how do you solve those problems. You can't cure fear of rejection or the immunization to getting shut down by what everyone could consider as a sure thing. So, what are you gonna do? Nothing, because there is nothing you can do but sit there and just take it. Take it one day at a time, because everyone says your time will come. But how do you know? No one is guaranteed tomorrow, what's your answer to that? I'm as happy-go-lucky as you get. I put positive spins on everything, no matter what, because who wants to live life on a downslide...no one! But when you see everything around you, it seems like your head is spinning. It's like being a Cubs fan, watching everyone get better while your team sit around and hope everyone else gets worse. Have I been heartbroken? Yes, but I'm over that. Sexually frustrated? You bet. But as the great 2 Pac said: "You gotta keep ya head up."

How being a Cubs fan compares to being a college student

  • You deal with plenty of nuts, drunks and punks.
  • You learn to down the nastiest, piss-water beers out there.
  • At times you waste three hours of your life yelling and screaming at something you can't control.
  • There are plenty of bad habits that you can fall into on campus and at the ballpark.
  • There cycle goes as this: Hope leads to dreams which usually fall short which leads to disappointment, which leads to depression which leads to alcoholism.
  • You deal with plenty of hot drunk white chicks.
  • There are obnoxious fools in your area that you just want to punch in the face because of their foolishness.
  • There's people you generally wouldn't get along with that are now in the same boat you are in.
  • You build up your immunization system to fight the cold, the obnoxious, the diseases, the disappointment and build up a strong tolerance for alcohol.
  • After the game (or the night) is over, there's always tomorrow.

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