Saturday, December 11, 2004

Saturday Night, Still 6 Days Left

Yeah, I know, its my second post of the day, but I gotta keep updated. Who knows by the end of the night, I might have another post to put up. Soo, after last night, we slept late and we went to the SIU/Murray State basketball game. We showed up a half-hour late, but was well worth it. SIU won 80-71 thanks to clutch shooting, pressure defense and a raucus crowd at the SIU Arena. I went wit John, Hoos and Vinny. It was great cuz we were loud and we won, I'm glad to be cheering a winner, that is what college is all about, women and sports. If you can't have success with one, there's another and you better be happy there, and I am. I loved SIU football, the #1 team in the regular season. I've never been a part of a #1 team in my life and it was a great experience being on top for that time. The basketball team is something I've always paid attention to, and i'd love to be headed to the sweet 16. If not, I can always cheer on my boys in Chapel Hill, UNC baby. So, I guess today was a good day. I did nothing but sleep, be online, go to the basketball game and eat. Oh and I finished my english paper, and that feel good, now I'm free. Um, I have a lot on my mind. It's weird, because as soon as I say everything is back in balance, or is getting to that point, stupid shit happens. Like women. Don't take this personal, but I hate women. All of them, they drive me nuts. I cannot believe the way they treat me sometimes. Okay, I take it back, all of it. I love women, my mother is a woman, and that helps. I love being single, in fact its pretty cool. You save a lot of money that way and avoid a lot of confrontations. But whenever the holidays come around and then you feel lonely. It starts after Thanksgiving when its time to go Christmas shopping. No one special to shop for, and you've got your friends in your ear asking you what to get for their girl. Then Christmas time comes around with all that damn mistletoe. I could never find any, and when I did, I couldn't get them girls under a mistletoe. It was like trying to get a rat in the rat trap by putting cheese on it. It just didn't work. So then there's Christmas dinner only with family, no special someone. Then there's my favorite holiday, Valentine's Day. It is the devils holiday, why do you think there is so much red and hearts being shot at? That is the one day that I hate, absolutely. Its unlucky, its horrible, it takes money out of my pocket. Oh the joys of losing money and depression. I don't know what else to say, I was in a good mood earlier, and now I am just pissed off because right when I start feeling good about something, there's something to be pissed off about. I need a drink, but can't get one. I'm flat broke! Look for a new posting sometime either at midnite or sometime tomorrow.

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