Thursday, December 09, 2004

Views, Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas and other B.S. with only 8 Days left in the semester

Fact or Fiction:

1. 'New York' by Ja Rule, Fat Joe and Jadakiss is his best released single since 'Holla Holla.' FACT. Its true, difference is that 'Holla' was a solo project in which he was raw on the scene. Sure, he sounded like DMX without the street savvy, but his aggresiveness was there and so was potential. Other song titles on the album included murder, hoes and motherfuckers, but then he went soft, like a bitch. He turned in his aggressiveness to sing to ladies. That's like if Randy Johnson gave up on his fastball to throw nothing but change-ups. Sounds like not a good idea for fans of raw and rugged New York rap. All in all, 'New York' has an awesome beat and gives people from the Big Apple something to be proud of.

  • Ja Rule will be embraced because of the hit status of 'NY'. FICTION. First of all, his verse isn't the best on the track, it is the worse. Fat Joe's "Even Roy Jones was forced to lean back" and Jada's AOL line stole the show from Ja. If Fat and Kiss weren't on the track, it would just be another Clapback, a song with a cold beat with a bitch on the track. That is like if Lil Jon or Dr. Dre wasted a beat on New Kids on the Block, it'd be wrong, dead wrong. But most likely, if Jon or Dre do it, its gotta be for a good cause, no matter who its for. 'New York' is looking like it is going to get a new remix co-starring T.I. representing Atlanta and Ice Cube representing the West Coast. Finally, Ja Rule has figured out the only way he can sell records again. He could just get great artists that are better than him to sell the record. Might put money in his pocket, but sure as hell won't save his career. In fact, I'm waiting for the G-Unit comeback to New York where they rep New York and rip Ja Rule. After that I'm waiting for the Twista remix, cuz he remixes everything and probably has a few verses in his head already. Twista, Kanye and Shawnna--Chi-towns fienst. "We love the Chicago Cubs and hate the New York Knicks/homie I'm from Chitown."

2. Carlos Beltran will not be in a Houston Astros uniform next year. I've gotta say FACT. During the playoffs, he was on the record saying that he loved playing in Wrigley Field and wouldn't mind playing in Chicago. From the reports from the Houston locker room, he and his teammates left on sour terms after the game 7 loss in the NLCS in which Carlos Beltran was the true MVP of that series. If Carlos doesn't return, neither does the Rocket. Beltran's move or lack of it pretty much decides who will be in the race for the NL Central next year.

  • Carlos Beltran will definetly sign with the New York Yankees. FICTION. Other teams pursuing Beltran include the Angels, Cubs, Astros, Phillies, Mariners, Mets, and Orioles. Carlos has also said on the record that even though he likes the city of New York, that he does not want to play in a city in which he will inherit a lot of pressure. Well, there goes Philly, New York and Baltimore. The Mariners are far from a winner, the Astros won't pony up all of the money and that leaves the Angels vs. Cubs. Carlos loved the AL, but had more success in the NL. And there is no city where he could shine like in New York without major pressure. Besides the me and my legion of doom like Cub fans who are thirsting for a championship by all means necessary, who is going to pressure the Cubs or the Trib to win right now? Joe Yuppie making conference calls from his suite sipping on Old Style like it was a French wine. How about Jane Hoe looking to bang either someone in the bleachers, box seats or in the back of Kyle Farnsworth's gigantic GMC Yukon. Carlos, I as a fellow Puerto Rican, am opening my doors to you to come to Chicago, not during a weekend set as a visitor, but for a long term relationship. We have an awesome Puerto Rican parade in June, usually during hopefully the second most important championship, the City Championship, which we own. Carlos, come to Chicago, and be crowned King of the Midwest!

8 Days Left

Joy to the world, there is only 8 days left in the semester, and there is no one happier than I am. Even though I am losing a friend and a roommate I'll make the best of it. For one thing it will be easier to sleep. I was already a detractor of country music, now I damn near hate it. To be honest, some of their videos can be funny, especially the ones mocking the hicks making the music, or ones with hot chicks, but after that, nothing. Depressing music about hunting dogs dying, wives/sisters leaving and a man who has no more liquor can only go so far. So, next music, there will be no country music blaring at the highest volume level the TV can handle without exploding. There will be no unwelcomed or uninvited late night visitors when I have a class at 10 am next semester. However, there will be no more drunks to look after in my room, unless they all congregate in my room. I will have a room to my own, to study in peace, to sleep in peace and to hopefully bring back some honeys...YEAH! I'll prioritize and re-evaluate my college situation and make some new decisions. In other news, there is only one more drinking day until further notice. In a breaking news story, Saturday night, I made a very brash and unneccessary decision. I am dropping alcohol. Why you ask? Why would you stop drinking in the most notorious party school in the country? Because, that's why. First of all, it is a damn expensive habit for a kid who doesn't have a job and who's parents are squeezing every penny they got to make this college experience worth it. I also now see myself falling into old habits that I used to get into when I used to drink freshman year. Yes, I admit it now, I drank freshman year before I went to school. I had a hook up, and as I looked back, it was stupid because the only reason I did it is because I wanted to fit in. It cost me, not in the gradebook where the only class I blew was drafting, thats because my motor skills aren't up to par, had nothing to do with alcohol, I never even got unnecessarily drunk, that I could remember, well a couple of times. But there's nothing you could do about it now, I have forgiven myself for that and those of you who read this now, I beg for your forgiveness as well. Saturday night, at the pit, I took a look at my surroundings and only 1/4 way through my lemonade/vodka I flashed through my life. Missed opportunities, immaturity, stupidity, and an old need to fit in. That was the old me, a me that I thought was gone a long time ago. I have finally learned that alcohol is not needed for friendship, it just causes problems. I have friends that will be my friends no matter if I drink or if I don't, and that is what is important, true friendship. Not friendship through a bottle of Absolute, Bacardi, Jack, etc. but friendship through connections you make by being sober and introducing yourself as yourself, not a modified drunk version of yourself. Oh, and that thought that alcohol will help get you laid, the answer is no, I'm still a virgin, and you would think alcohol would help out my visual features. But honestly, who wants to take home a drunk? So, I have put one day aside to drink, and I don't know when that day is. It will be during the winter vacation in which I will call upon my friends to celebrate 1st semester of college with one final drink with their favorite drunken Puerto Rican. Then, I can move on in life. I will put away the anger, depression and all the evils I find with alcohol and put them away for good, with help from my friends. I thank them ahead of time. Will I drink again after that, yes. However, it will be my decision and my decision only. There will be no peer pressure, no trick drinking, no half-assed excuses either. I will learn from my past and will rise again.

Dorm Stories

To protect the names of the innocent, the names here have been changed....One day Jane was visiting James late one night. James seemed to lose the remote, or so he thought. He looked everywhere, but couldn't find it anywhere. Later that morning, the channels were changing miraculously as before Jane left, she gave James the remote back. There, at that point, James swore revenge. Later the next night, James came up with the old idea of putting shaving cream in a bag and putting it under the crease of the door and having it seep through the door cracks and on to the floor. He succeeded in his revenge, but Jane was madder than ever. When James suddenly left to achieve a higher level of knowledge, Jane and her friend Dave made their move. Jane and Dave took James mattress and through it down the stairwell and took his clothes from him. Later, others chipped in. Mark and Randy disassembled James' bed and put it back together in an end lounge. Later others put his clothes on top of his bed along with trash and exploded a condom balloon on top of it. Now, James has returned with a higher level of knowledge, but angry. His stuff was missing and who was to blame, his poor, defenseless and sleepy roommate Jose. He threatened Jose's stuff would go missing, but Jose threatened back. "Mess with them, you won't see them and they won't see you ever again. Mess with my stuff, you'll be seeing me a lot." Jose, as smart and as tired he was after being rudely awakened, went to sleep next door. James did not get his stuff back into the room until the next afternoon. He threatened all as if he was a terrorist planning his last stand before his last hurrah. For the next 8 days, we are all on high alert.

To End on a Positive Note

I don't know how to end this on a positive note, so I am writing as I am thinking. I am going to apply for a job with the school newspaper. I am hoping this is going to be my big break into writing. I have been told and named 'The Best Writer You Have Never Read.' and that is a dignified position for someone with no journalism experience. Sure, I wrote on the side, I wrote my own opinions and thoughts as if it was a newspaper (one that was roughly done without editing or proper language.) I have always had a love to write, since I was in first grade writing at a higher level than other students and I was writing in a Young Authors course in which I used my creativity and wrote mystical stories with the creativity and liveliness of a child with the maturity of a young and growing writer. After I transferred schools in 4th grade, my career in Young Authors ended as well. I wrote essays though, good ones too. Back in my second grammar school, there was one every year that we were forced to write and the best were sent to overseas. Every year, there were two deadlines, one for the ones to be submitted for overseas competition, and one for a grade. I never thought I was good enough to be considered with these kids who have had a better, magnet school education all of their life. And every year, my teacher would tell me: "Luis, if you had turned this in before the first deadline, you'd be heading overseas." The other thing they told me was that I never worked to my full potential and that if I ever did, I would make it big. I am now realizing that, and with a little push here and there I am workign toward my full potential. One day, my goal is to make an impact in the media. I want my own newspaper article hopefully covering my favorite home town sports teams (Cubs, Bears, or Bulls), or an advice article (it is so much easier to solve other peoples problems than my own, I've realized that too, or maybe even covering the hot news or an opinion piece, because everyone knows that I have an opinion about everything. Hopefully that can lead to a career in the radio business. Playing the hottest music out there, flirting with barely legal girls that want to hear a song and will do anything to hear it ( so that sounds kinda wrong, I take it back. But hey, there are these DJs that sound like they are in their early-mid 20s and in truth and honesty these guys are 40-50 years old. I'll be the 21 year old flirting with the 18 year old, and that's not wrong.) Maybe my own sports talk show, or maybe the next voice of the Cubs, my true life-long dream. Then that could lead to me managing the Cubs one day, my other life-long dream, to a World Championship, hopefully they would have more than two when I take that job over. Hey Bob Brenley did it, why not me? People say dreams are for those who have no sense of reality. I say dreams are for people who want to change a perception of reality. I am a big dreamer, because if you shoot for the moon and miss, you will land among the stars. HOLLER!

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