Saturday, December 11, 2004

Saturday Morning, 6 Days Left

6 days left in the semester...YAY! I'm so happy, but I got a lot of stuff to do. I have to do a final draft of my final english paper, I might be doing a re-do of my communications paper because I have a bad feeling about it, and I have to study for 3 finals next week. Not to mention fit in time to pack, clean up the room and get my stuff together to go home next Friday by 3:15 so I can check out on time and get to the train station before 4 o'clock. Whew, thats a lot on my plate, but I'm a hungry kinda guy, so I'll just take it. So, to summarize: 1 Final english paper, 1 final monday, 1 final wednesday and 1 final on thursday. Jobs to do: Call work, get packed, clean the room and get my stuff together. I'm really looking forward to getting this week over and done with. Because not only will I be putting the school part of the semester behind me, I am putting behind me a semester full of ups and downs worthy of a storybook ending. But we won't see one of those for a while for the simple fact that, if I can compare my life to writing a book or a script, I left a lot of loose ends open and it could either end this year, or 4 to 5 years down the line. It's one of those running storylines. College is one big soap opera full of twists and turns and decisions that could be second guessed like you were a football coach. I have a few goals for next semester. I want to write, as much as I can, that is why I will be filling out an application to write for the school paper the Daily Egyptian. Even though I have absolutely no experience when it comes to writing for a newspaper, I have faith in myself and in my writing ability to get the job done. I want to focus more on the school side of college and lean back when it comes to partying and social life. I have enough friends and acquaintances here to be happy when it comes to having a social life, I'm not anti-social, by all means necessary. But if I do better at school, I'll feel better about going out on weekends. That is when I will make my decision when it comes to me drinking again. As soon as I get back in balance, I will be able to look myself in the eye and be able to control my drinking and say to myself, "I'm all good."
The First Step
I believe the first step to a re-birth of my college life and to my happiness came last night in a strange way. It feels like its the first time since the beginning of the year that it was a Friday night and I wasn't going out to get drunk. It was a strange feeling, because thats what you do in college on the weekends, go out and get plastered. Last night, I went out to see a movie. We went to go see Ocean's Twelve and some of us went to see Blade Trinity. It wasn't just me though, it was damn near the whole floor. It was the gang, basically. There was about 14 of us, in 3 cars going to the movies. We packed 3 in the front of a pick-up truck and 6 in a 4 door Olds. 5 fit in a 89 Crown Vic, and we were out. Oceans was great, very well done and will keep you guessing to the end, and when you get to the end you are gonna be like "how did they pull that one off?" But the turning point was on the after the movie. I felt strange for some reason, and not because I was battling a cold sitting out in the flat bed of a pick up truck, I felt strange because instead of being out getting drunk, dancing and looking to get some, I went out and I chilled out, just like I used to do on the weekend. It was a great feeling to be able to be out and relaxed without peer pressure, alcohol and other unnecessary crap. A couple of more weekends like that, and I will be a very happy man.

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