Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm Home, Finally

After a 6 hour train ride, I am home back in Chicago. Traffic, pollution, rudeness is all part of city life at its best. I feel good to be home, glad to be done with my first semester away at college and proud to be a Chicagoan. Do I miss Carbondale yet, a little bit. Come on, it's Saturday morning at nearly 1 am and I am not drunk, I've only had a couple of sips of some wine, that is it. Tonight, there was no Cherry Pit, followed by Jimmy John's, followed by the morning after meeting next door with my suitemates. I miss my suitemates Hoos and Vinny and the whole gang on the 14th floor. I'll miss random nakedness running down the halls and drunks wandering in and out of my room at random times at night. But being a college student is the best of both worlds. Freedom while living on campus, but structured and mature lifestyle at home. I love it. One month until I go back to C-Dale! That's it for tonite, it's just good to be back where I am loved and wanted.

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