Monday, December 13, 2004

Midday Monday, 4 Days Left

4 days left, put it on the board. Its Monday at the midday and it's one final down 3 to go! One paper to turn in, all I gotta do is print it and I'm done with english. Even if I didn't do that paper and hand it in, the worst grade I can get in that class is a B. I love writing classes, they are the best. Had it not been for that class, I would not be writing this because I would not know about Blog and I would not have an outlet to speak to. I really don't care who reads this or if anyone does for that matter, its like having a public journal. But back to school, I got one more final today, 8 pm all the way across on the other side of campus at the Communications Building for my SPCM (Speech Communication) 101 class final from 8-10 pm, that should be a joyous occasion. But afterwards, I'm going to get pizza, so it is well worth the walk. So, what do I do to relax before the final, well I just go about my day the usual way. Wake up, shower, watch some SportsCenter, get online and read my Sun-Times, take a look at my fantasy teams, check out any news on my Cubbies and put in some music on my way to class. Lets see, music for times like this. Good sleeping music includes Jack Johnson, I ain't never heard of this guy in my life until a couple of months ago when I asked someone to make me a CD with some relaxing music. Dude's got it goin on, very mellow and very calming, its all I need to deal with all of the stress that comes with school and college and life in general. Before tests, no sleepy music, straight crunk music does the body good before the big game or a test because it gets you pumped up. Get some crunk in yo system, maybe some hip-hop danceoff music gets it going sometimes too. Eminem's Mosh and Lose Yourself are awesome songs to listen to right before the test too. Get pumped and stay focused. Now, to the Monday Morning Quarterback.

  • Peyton Manning needs 2 to tie and 3 to break the single season touchdown record. Not only is he doing football a great service, he is doing me a great service. Even though I don't have Manning on any of my fantasy teams this year, I do have his favorite targets on my teams, so nothing makes me happier to see a Manning-to-Harrison on a deep post route, a Manning-to-Wayne connection deep down the sideline, a Manning-to-Stokely the White Boy connection in the slot splitting the defense. How about Manning-to-Clark/Pollard in the Red Zone. The only one it hurts is Edge, and by the end of the game, they are running out the clock and Edge still gets his 100 yards. Here is to you Peyton Manning, the MVP of my fantasy team, even though you are not on my team.
  • The Bears are done, dead, caput. Chad Hutchinson is not the savior, yet he would be an adequate back-up, hell he could start if he had an offensive line. I hope the Bears management takes a deep look at this season and diagnoses what they have and what they need. We have 3 good quarterbacks: Grossman, hope he gets better health wise and on the field. Jeff George and Chad Hutchinson are good enough back-ups. Jonathan Quinn needs to go out and run a Citgo somewhere and Craig Krenzel proved to all of us that Ohio State hasn't produced anything since Mike Doss or Eddie George even. Craig, do us all a favor and go and find a cure to some uncurable disease and stay away from the team, unless you want to be the team doctor. Craig Krenzel=Joe Germaine=Loser from THE Ohio State University. The Bears need to either incorporate a 2-back system in which Thomas Jones and Anthony Thomas, or as I'd like to call them Thomas Thomas, share the backfield, a double-threat backfield would be nice. The Bears need a left tackle, a healthy pair of guards and someone who can stretch the field and catch the ball. In the NFL, they like to call them wide receivers. Their defense is solid everywhere except Hunter Hillenmeyer, good of the bench, should not start. The Bears defense should have 4 D-Lineman, 2 linebackers (Briggs and Odom), 4 DBs (Tillman, Azumah, Brown and Grey/Green) and Urlacher is his own position in which he roams the field looking to kill.
  • Teams in football I have come to hate include the Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams. Why these fatal 4. Green Bay is an overrated one-man team who everyone licks their ass because of Brett Favre. Favre can lick my ass! The Panthers are always looking for a fight, why, because they can't beat anyone on the field. So what they have heart, well they won't after Mike Vick runs all over them...AGAIN! They hate Vick cuz they can't have Vick so if you can't beat him, try to kill him. Too bad they can't even catch him. And the Rams, they like getting it Rammed in their ass. The greatest show on turf isn't football, it is bitch ball, they have one of the best of all time in Marshall Faulk, but instead they let the QB throw the ball randomly and usually ends up in a turnover. And their genius coach is nothing but a Dick Vermeil wanna-be whore! And the Dolphins, even though Wannie is gone, that 72 perfect team can all lick my testicles! Sorry for the obscenities, but I'm listening to angry white folk music, so I gotta go....HOLLER!

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