Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tuesday Night, 11:50, One Final Tomorrow and Today Went Too Fast

Today went too fast and i didnt get to do what I wanted to. I went shopping today, I got some of my Christmas shopping out of the way and now am damn broke. All my money is now in Chicago when I finish all of my Christmas shopping at home. I gotta shop for my mom, my pops and anyone else. I rewarded myself today by buying a Nomar Jersey on sale for $10 bucks, you can't beat that with its original price slated at $25. I Love Nomar, and will be glad to see him back hopefully to win a championship. I wish I could have slept all day, like my roommate usually does. How cool would that have been? A long day of peace and relaxation. But I went out and got stuff done, how totally awesome is that. I'm trying to ignore my women problems in my life just so I can get through finals week without adding drama in my life. I can't have that on my head and finals too, thats asking too much. I wanna get my feelings out there but don't want to be rejected. Thats just asking for stress, and honestly I feel that I'm stressing about that now, so I'm gonna drop the subject. Time is now 11:57, I'm tired, bored and sexually frustrated. Welcome to the world of a college student!

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