Friday, December 17, 2004

It's Over, Finally Over. And Now, Just 13 hours Until I am Back on My Way Home

It was the first time in a long time in which I looked forward to going to sociology. Not because of some girl, or some test, or being excited to learn. I was excited because it was my the last of my finals, and I knew that when I finished that I would officially be done with my first semester of college. The test seemed easy, but that most likely means I paid good attention in class and was prepared. But that is besides the point, after the test, I was done. I had an ear to ear grin and I jumped and clicked my heels happily. I called my mother and left her a very happy message. I called my father, who seemed to be very proud of me. It was, for once, a good day to be me. Breaking news, my day gets better, I HAVE AN A IN ENGLISH! Me fail english, thats unpossible? Yep, unpossible indeed, LUIS ACED ENGLISH! My writing skills are the gift and the curse. I just stood in the hallway and yelled I GOT AN A! IT'S THE GIFT AND THE CURSE! I called my friend Calla, who quickly stole my thunder by saying,"Me too, I got an A too." I said "You just couldn't give me my moment could you." She was happy for me that I got an A, as am I that she got an A. She's probably the most awesome, without a doubt, person I have met since I have been down here in Carbondale. Whatta gal! Okay, so back to my day. So, then I sold my books, and spent $61.40 on Christmas gifts for my family. I hope they won't get mad that I spent so much. But it was for them, so I felt it as being necessary. Then I came back to my room and celebrated, sure, my music was loud, but for once, I didn't care, because I was done, and I was purely, legitimately and genuinely happy! My roommate is gone, and I have the room to myself, I hope it'll be like that next semester too, I would finally be able to live in peace. We had our ups and downs, with more downs than ups, and my roommate coulda been better and treated me like we've known eachother for years, instead of treating me the way he did for weeks, but he, like I will get over it, and things will get back to normal, hopefully, they will one day.
My Reflection
Wow, this college thing has been an experience to say the least. It has been a long time coming since the first day, as a lost and confused freshman. The only person I knew was my roommate, and that scared me a little bit, but I knew that because of my personality, I could get along with many people, and I would once again be happy. It all goes back to movie night with Sarah, the girl that John, my roommate, helped with carrying her stuff up 14 flights of stairs. We watched Rocky Horror picture show. There, we were introduced to Matt, Steve and Sarah's roommate Kristin (who would later be known as Boobs, Left Field among countless of other nicknames.) The first night we were introduced to drunks, one in particular was Alex, who stormed into their room claiming it was his. Let's see, the 1st party night, I remember it like it was yesterday (kinda). All I remember really is that we left John at another party on College Street as me, my friend Jake, Sarah, Kristin and what seemed to be a myriad of others paraded to the "House With The Red Light" party. That place was great while it was opened, before it got busted. The bartender chick was drop dead gorgeous. A 10, a fucking 10, instant wood! Perfect face, boobs, everything. Out of this world kinda gal. They made some awesome drinks, reuniting me with one of my original loves: the lemonade-vodka. That is when I started drinking, again. The 1st night, 2 naked chicks made out for a crowd, at the time, it was an amazing sight, but it pales in comparison to everything else that I have seen and heard since I have been down here. I made out with some chick at the "Red Light" after buying her a drink after she called me the devil. "Would the devil do this?" followed immediately by tongue down the throat. "Red Light" is where I also got really acquainted with my suitemates Hoos and Vinny, Jameel, Keith, Calla and who else knows. It was meant to be, all of us, to be together as friends. There were many times in which I wanted to quit and leave because I didn't feel like I fit in, or the stress of being a college student got to me, or my friends (who didn't make it easier on my by missing me) wanting me to be home, or the Cubs, those damn Cubs choking didn't make life easier, but I got through it, like it was a movie. I fought the power, and it felt good. I moved on to the Cherry Pit after Red Light got shut down. I spent many a dollar and many a night at cherry pit. That is where I got my most drunk. Twice at the pit, once with my cousin. But I spent half of that night at pit. Pit is the shit. It is drinking, dancing and partying rolled up in one. It's scent is unique to say the least. Liquor, sweat, must, weed, cigarettes, perfume and cologne and other unnotable scents combined to make the ultimate scent: Essent of Pit. Pit is where I made out with two chicks at once in a three-way kiss. I don't even remember how it happened. Oh, and to note to anyone who is reading this, I usually don't kiss and tell, I'm just doing it now as a reflection. But to close this reflection, I feel that I have come full circle in this first semester of college. From shelled, timid, freshman to open-minded, fun freshman who loves all and cannot wait til next semester. I will miss this place while I am gone, thanks for the great memories Southern, I'll be back expecting more next semester, and for the years to come. I would honestly like to thank all of my family for helping me through first semester: Mom, Roy, Jenny, Mama, Titi, Kristin, Jessica, Doc, Papi, Courtney, Cissy, Squeaky, Titi Sharon, Tina and all of those I have forgot, thank you for being that support beam that I needed during first semester. I would also like to thank all of my friends for making this semester the most fun 4/5 months of my life: My roommate John (dispite our problems), my suitemates: Vinny and Hoos; Marcus, Vino, Steve, Jameel (my best friend South, the dude who always listened to my problems, took care of me when I was drunk and woke my ass up when he got high with John the day before I had a test in my english class--love ya dawg!), Keith, Donnell, Daniel (my "barber"), Gabe, Julian, Ethan, Mike and Ryan for drunken entertainment and for introducing me to everclear; Larry, Josh, Yoav, Carl, Charles (I love Cards fans); Sharon (and her friends Meghan and Ally), Morgan, Lindsey, Row, Maggie, Shari, Sara and Betsey from across the hall, Lora, Christin, Shari, Trisha and Eve, and Kaity aka Corndog....Selina, her roommate Taylor and their friends Todd and Roary, being drunk among you people has been a blast. I would like to end this by thanking my favorite girls in the entire world: Sarah- for understanding how much "The Booty Mix" means to the life of a college student and for pretty much crowning me "The King of the Burned CDs/Booty Mixes". Kristin for being that entertaining drunk on the first night after getting buzzed of one Pina Colada and for later in the semester making me proud. You go girl! Calla, even though I hate the Braves cuz they eliminated the Cubs, the fact that I am a Bears fan and your long-lost brother Brett Favre, the fact that your Uncle Randy is a 6'10" lefty for the Diamondbacks you have been the best person I have met down here. Despite what you think, personality means a lot in life and will get you far, and you have the best personality I've met in a long time, if not ever. Anyone who loves baseball and appreciates baseball as a sport is a friend of mine. Ruthie, for being the person I envy the most. You are always so happy, I wish I could be that happy all of the time. When I see you happy, I seem to get happy, it rubs off on all of us. Your artwork is amazing, keep it up. Brittany, for being my study buddy in Media, for listening to my crap while you had to deal with your own and for being a great friend. You will be missed at Southern, have fun up north. Hope I'm not missing out anyone, if I am, I am sorry. See ya next semester.
P.S. Mr. Weiss is the best english teacher, he put that class in my wheelhouse and I hit it out of the park. All writing, all the time. Media in Society was a boring class if you sat in the back and didn't pay attention. Waste of my time and money, hope I did good. SPCM 101 aka Speech aka Chinky's class. Chinky aka Satoshi, was the best teacher ever, dude was the bomb and we had the most laid back entertaining classes ever. And finally, Professor Benford, whose sociology classes usually had me walking out of them wondering why I took the time to sleep and wake up from that sleep to go to class. It pained me when you dissed the Cubs, but was the greatest day to see the BoSox sweep your pathetic Cardinals out from the World Series. You got beat by one cursed team, guess who is next (hint: go 300 miles north and find the Kings of the MidWest, last years pretenders will be this years contenders, mark my words Cards and Cards backers). But to give you this much, your confrontational style led to entertaining classes and me meeting more fun people in section.

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