Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Wednesday Night, 2 Days Left and 1 Final To Go

Happy Hump Day everyone. Wednesdays usually suck because I have 3 classes to go to and I usually don't want to go to at least one of them. But today was different, after a short night of stressful, paranoid, worrisome "sleep" I got up and sat around all morning. I helped a friend unpack her room, and I went to sell a book back and took my 3rd final of the week. After that I took a nice walk to the COMM building all the way across campus. I made some realizations about this 1st semester as a college student. I realized that college life is not stable, not everyone stays, for example my friend Sharon down the hall is moving out, and that's sad cuz I'll miss her fun spirit a lot. I'll see her when she visits and when I go home on vacation. I'll also miss Brittany, my study buddy. She helped me get through a lot of stressful times while I was down here, and on top of that, she was having stressful times of herself. Her happy aura was what helped me feel better about college life. I'll be honest, when I first got here I was worried. I was worried that I would have few friends and that there would be no one around to care about me or be my friend. The only person I knew was my roommate, and to be honest, and I know he feels the same way about me, he's not the most pleasant person to be around all the time. But I've made so many friends that have helped me get through the bad times, and were there for the good. I'll miss them next year, but I plan to keep in touch with them, for I have forged genuine relationships and friendships with all of them. To all my people leaving me behind at SIU, I salute you all and in one way or another you will be missed. If not by me, by someone.
1 More Final And Then I am Outta Here
I can't wait, it is my sociology final. It covers only three chapters, but it is a very important test, it could make or break my grade. I've aced all of the papers, but I've gotten Cs and Ds on my tests. This grade can solidify my grade as a High C or low B or could just settle my grade towards the bottom of the pack. After my final, I am going back to the COMM building to hand in my application to work at the school paper. I have no experience, and that will most definetly hurt me, but I want it so bad, I'll do anything to get it. Then, it is back to the student center to sell my last books and I will be done. I will also hand in another job application to work at the student center bookstore. I need a job so badly, it will make my life and my parents life so much easier. They would have to send me less money, I would have extra money in my pocket and it would definetly keep me busy. So, for only the second time in my life, I am looking forward to having another job. I can't wait til this school year is over, because as soon as it ends, it is back to the city I call home to watch and worship my favorite baseball team. I'm sick and tired of the St. Louis Rams football team and those pesky, hated Cardinals. I can't wait to get back to what truely is a civilization

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