Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Pit Welcomes Back the King

On a night that Playgurl was in Carbondale for the ladies; and the hoes from Girls Gone Wild were at Carboz night club the King returned to his palace. I made my triumphant and drinky return to the Cherry Pit. It felt great to be back, I was genuinely happy. Like, I was drinking and socializing and eenjoying the scenery and all of the beautiful ladies at the Pit and enjoying the new and most definetly improved look at the Pit. The bar area is extended and has more liquor, there's more dancing room since they took away the strip poles and the infamous cage, it was easier to get beer were some of the changes. Yes, I drank half of a beer, it tasted like piss, but as it went on I enjoyed it a little bit more. I had some strawberry daquiries which I hadn't had in a long time, a vodka lemonade, something else with lemonade and some other alcohol that my boy Nate bought for me. Later, I had shots from the girls that just walk around and offer shots. At that point I was done, or so I thought. I left the dorms with my boy Hoos and my cuz Kristin. By 11 pm, Jameel, Kristin, Sarah, Nate and Calla came. I was in heaven, I felt that things were back where they needed to be. Just like old times, the 14th floor rollin deep at the pit. There, I got more drinks and later it was awesome, like the good ol days of first semester that seem so long ago. Then, like first semester, I did it again, it happened again I found myself buying more drinks for my girls than I was buyin for myself, but that was nothing new. I spent $15, to save your time, on myself, and I spent $20 on my girls. But thats cuz I'm pimpin like that cuz I'm the fuckin king. I was talkin to one of my boys and I was helpin him out wit one of his girl problems and he told me,"Dude, you're the fucking King of this shit, I don't know why you are still single." I honestly don't know why I am still single. It sucks, cuz some of my friends are now leaving at 3:25am and they about to get some booty and me, I'm chillin here writin to myself and to yall who are reading this jus recapping my coochie free night. But that's all good, because I'm better than that. I deserve more than just random coochie, I'm a good guy, and I think I shouldn't be lowering my standards for a night. Instead I should keep my standards where they are, because I honestly would be an excellent catch. I swear, that if there are certain girls that would just give me a chance, I would treat them like fucking queens. I just want one shot, and now I'm thinking about Lose Yourself which is currently playing on my computer. If I had one shot and one oppurtunity would I take advantage or would I let it slip. I've let enough slip during my life. I think I'm in love. Problem is that the girl I think I'm in love with probably doesn't want anything to do with me, but we're pretty good friends. We had some really awesome moments this week and this school year and when we're together, I feel something click inside of me, but I'm afraid. Afraid of another one biting the dust. Afraid of everything that has happened before happening again, as a self-proclaimed "History Buff" I know for a fact that history repeats itself. But I think I'm done talking tonight. I will leave you with this. For my girls: Do not degrade yourself and settle for less. No matter what anyone says get a guy that you will be happy with. You deserve the best, better than me. To my fellas: Keep ya head up cuz your time will come. And if it doesn't you will die pure. I have a feeling that whatever I say tonight while intoxicated, though sobering, will be used against me and will be brought back to haunt me. Oh, and for my ladies again, if something is bothering you and seems to be holding you back--Let it burn like usher.
-The King aka Louie

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