Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Before I Put Valentine's Day 2005 To Rest

I'd like to start off by saying, 19 years of being single takes a toll on you, but it could be worse, I could be a Cubs fan born in 1909. Well, I'd like to put some ideas out there, and ask myself the question: How bad did I fuck up? Had I put in some effort into going after her, could the outcome been different? Why did it take until I was completely crunked to ask her? Would she have taken me more serious? Cuz honestly, I don't take myself serious when I'm crunked. And finally, the only thing running through my mind right now, and until I get an answer, I won't forget, but what exactly did I say? I wanna know the slurred shit that came was processed from the mind of crunk, to the mouth of crunk, to the ears of the sober. I wanna know what went down, cuz its obvious, I don't even know what I said. Damn, I'm in sad shape. I'm not drinkin til the 26th. My guy is comin from the I-L-L-I-N-I and we're gonna go out after the game to either celebrate or to drink the pain of a loss away. Oh, and my guy's girlfriend is bringin down her friends to come down too. And her friends were fine as hell, so um, yeah, I'd like to get me a piece of that. But for now, I'd like to close the casket on another failed Valentine's Day. I'd like to firmly put away the failures, disappointments and the rejection that comes with this day. Please can I have a moment of silence...Thank you. As I lower the casket 8 feet (yes, 8, because I'm beating this fucker down and making sure that it doesn't come back to haunt me ever again) I leave you with this...why should someone's "love" be summarized in one day?

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