Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Valentine's Day Review Continued

Well, before I go to bed I have to write about whatever else happened last night that I now remember and that has come to me since I last wrote. Okay, let's see. When I'm drunk, I'm become very complimentary. I was telling this one girl we were out with that she was really hot every thirty seconds. Wow, I knew I was complimentary, but damn, last night was special. Let's see, oh yeah I became a preacher. I came back and blessed my friends. What gave me the power to bless them...I dunno. Oh yeah, and I become very paranoid when I'm crunked. I gave my roommate a 15 minute explanation on why he should carry the key to keep people from fucking with me. I also wrote illegilble notes that had my roommate remind me to talk to a sober friend of ours so I can remember what happened last night. Oh, the headache I woke up with, a result of me slamming my head into the wall. Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, my friends said I was "drunk off my feet." When asked if I did anything stupid, they told me talk to two of the girls on our floor...I knew I was in trouble. I ended up asking out one of the girls, telling her I liked her a lot. Being that it was Valentine's Day, and it was me...the curse lived on, no girlfriend this year. It makes me wonder, is there something wrong with me? Honestly? My problem is that I've become friend to the world, and the best friend to the world is just that when it comes to women...and nothing else. Well, I got things straightened out with her. I really wanna be her friend, and if we can't be more, I'm fine with it, I just don't want things to get weird to the point where we don't talk to each other because of my feelings for her. We straightened that out, and I'm happy for that and I've apologized for my foolishness, though none was necessary. Maybe I'm going after the wrong girls, maybe its the fact that I'm going after girls...okay, no that's wrong, that'd make me gay, and gay I'm not. Not that it's wrong to be gay, but I've liked women too long to quit over another rejection. It sucks, girls bitch about not having a Valentine, and when you extend the offer to them, they shoot ya down. Oh well. That's why the first song I downloaded was "Another one bites the dust" by queen. It really summarizes how I feel right now. Kinda, I'll get into that tomorrow. I got class at 10, 11 & 1. I gotta go to wal-mart and shop for the crap i need. Maybe I'll find my dream girl at wal-mart. Or I'll probably be racially profiled against again. I'll bet on the ladder. Well, keep it pimpin, pimpin cuz the kings about to sleep!

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