Tuesday, February 15, 2005

What I Remember of Valentine's Day?

Happy Day after Valentine's Day! We can now all go back to our regularly scheduled lives! I'm all smiles..well, kinda. My Valentine's Day represented a regular day..there was day, and there was night. However, I don't remember most of the night part, and I have a bad feeling about something with a girl. I never go out without a fight when it comes to Valentine's Day. I was day dreaming in class about something that looks like something I did. But did it happen, or was it me just day dreaming again? Well, let's go to the day. The day was cool, for the first time ever I got something from someone that wasn't one of my parents. I got a little candy and a scooby doo card from Ruth who lives in another wing. That sooo made my day. I thanked her and explained to her that how she made my day because I never got anything for Valentine's and the little bit of happiness she brought to me, WOW, made my day. My friend Row also brought me a little lollypop and a rub on tattoo for Valentine's day. Wow, totally awesome. It just took a 6 hour drive and the atmospher of a college campus (oh yeah and that beautiful day) to really change my perspective of Valentine's day. Ask any of my friends, I had never been happier since I have been down here in Carbondale...EVER! Oh the best thing about Valentine's Day, the girls. Yes, sexy girls everywhere, it was like a sexiness contest or something. LOL. Really, the girls were lookin there best, hell everyone was lookin their best...Dressed to impressed! What did I wear during the day you asked? My UNC shirt. I wish I would've had this change maybe about Wednesday last week, I'd be a lot happier probably, or really heartbroken because I probably woulda gone on a shopping spree for this girl and most likely would've gotten...well, shit I can't assume, you can't tell if you don't try. Well, back to the night time. I kicked off my V-Day festivities by drinking the rest of Hooses Sky Vodka. Wow, that shit was powerfull as hell. Granted I shouldn't have had it all in one drink and colored pink by the shot of pink lemonade I dropped in it. Wow, I was crunked before I even left. I was crunked talkin to my friends, I was wow...HAPPY! So, I went out to the Cherry Pit. First of all it was FREE to get in! Secondly, everyone was going out, the boys were goin out, all the sexy girls were out. Granted, tis not the place to take a date on V-Day, but it is the place to be if you wanna get CRUNKED UP! That was my goal. If I brought some hobag back, it woulda been added bonus, the cherry (no pun intended) on top, it woulda been like me hitting a game winning walk off home run at my first time at the plate. But that's not what I'm lookin for, I was lookin to get crunk, that was my ultimate goal for months now. I couldn't back out now. So, I left here pretty tipsy. Two shots (one later thrown up) and two screwdrivers later (shot of OJ and the rest vodka hooked up by bartender matt) The mission had been completed, I was compeletely crunked. We went to Jimmy John's to eat, cuz thats what we always do...after that, I woke up this morning in my bed. Sore with an upset stomach. I love Valentine's Day!

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nick said...

glad you came around. see. toldja it wasn't all bad.